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HiLASE Centre of Excellence

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - HiLASE CoE (HiLASE Centre of Excellence)

Reporting period: 2015-06-01 to 2016-05-31

"The Czech Republic belongs to EU Member States that are ranked below 70 % of the EU27 average of the composite indicator of the Research Excellence. Even though during last programming period (2007 – 2013) a huge amount of money has been invested from the Structural Funds into the establishment of new research and innovation centres, this support has not yet been enough to move Czech research teams into lead positions in their respective fields.
The overall long term objective of this HiLASE Centre of Excellence Project is to create a new, world leading, sustainable Centre of Excellence, based on major upgrade of the HiLASE R&D Centre in the Czech Republic at Dolní Břežany in Central Bohemia Region. The Mission of the Centre hosted by the Institute of Physics ASCR (IoP) will be to exploit the ""next generation"" laser technology embodied in HiLASE through a programme of user‐driven scientific research, industrial exploitation and technological innovation that is both internationally competitive and sustainable in the medium to long term.
In order to succeed with these ambitious goals, IoP collaborates with the Central Laser Facility (CLF) at STFC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in Oxfordshire, UK. This partnership will ensure that the Centre is ""up and running"" as a user facility as quickly as possible, that opportunities for innovation and exploitation are identified and developed, and that a cutting edge facility enhancement programme is delivered efficiently, on time and with the best value for money. This will ensure the success of the Centre for the duration of the Teaming Action (both in Stage 1 and Stage 2) and its future sustainability.
The Project to instigate the Centre of Excellence will be delivered in two Stages. Stage 1 Coordination and Support action (CSA) relates to the production and submission of the Widespread Teaming Business Plan to establish the HiLASE Centre of Excellence. Stage 2 Framework Partnership agreement (FPA) will deliver the Centre, operate it, enhance it and establish a high quality user community of scientists, industrialists and technologists.
Stage 1 Tasks was managed within three Work Packages, summarised as follows:
• Identification of the requirements for the future experimental programme of the HiLASE Centre and associated user support functions in consultation with potential users in academia and industry (WP2)
• Optioneering for upgrades and enhancements of the Centre in terms of laser energy, power and pulse repetition rate of Laser Systems, including Application Areas and Support Infrastructure; associated design and cost estimation (WP2)
• Stakeholder engagement to build support for the Centre at user, Government and pan‐European level; negotiation of funds for capital enhancement from Czech Government; preliminary arrangements for the Project Management Board (WP1)
• Business Plan production, approval by stakeholders and submission to the Commission and Czech funding agency (WP3, WP1)
Main output of the Stage 1 of Teaming project was Business Plan which was submitted to the European Commission as the final Deliverable D3.4. Another outputs which were prepared during Stage 1, were mainly used as an inputs for Business Plan preparation covering different fields to ensure that Business Plan is complex and relevant document. Following table contains all outputs produced during Stage 1.

WP No. Title Lead Beneficiary Receipt Date
1 Minutes of Kick-off Project Management Board Meeting IP-ASCR 25 Jul 2015
2 Preliminary Science and Innovations Plan IP-ASCR 25 Jul 2015
2 User Requirements Document IP-ASCR 01 Aug 2015
2 Centre of Excellence Operations Plan STFC 01 Oct 2015
1 Minutes of 2nd Project Management Board Meeting IP-ASCR 23 Oct 2015
2 Laser Enhancement Plan IP-ASCR 05 Nov 2015
2 Target Area Systems Plan STFC 01 Dec 2015
2 Stage 2 Business Plan Scope IP-ASCR 05 Jan 2016
3 Stage 2 Detailed Costing IP-ASCR 31 Jan 2016
3 1st draft of the Business Plan IP-ASCR 31 Jan 2016
1 Minutes of 3rd Project Management Board Meeting IP-ASCR 01 Mar 2016
3 2nd Draft of the Business Plan IP-ASCR 04 May 2016
1 Minutes of Final Project Management Board Meeting IP-ASCR 30 May 2016
3 Final Business Plan IP-ASCR 30 May 2016
Kick off meeting
HiLASE Building
Partnership between STFC and IoP