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Mobile 3D Modeling


The topic of this proposal is mobile 3D modeling. Building on top of 4DVideo results published at the latest International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV2013), the goal of this proposal is to explore the commercial potential of enabling mobile 3D scanning with smart phones. Our algorithms allow to perform accurate 3D modeling from images at interactive rates on a smart phone (without requiring any additional sensors or a live data connection). Our solution can greatly expand the range of applications requiring 3D models (e.g. 3D printing) and enable completely new applications to be developed which would rely on anytime, anywhere scanning capabilities.
The goal of this project is to adapt and explore potential commercialization of our solution in the particular case of face reconstruction. Potential applications would be in the area of 3D authentication, 3D printing or medical diagnosis. This proposal addresses both engineering improvements that are required to reach market maturity, as well as business aspects of the commercialization including intellectual property protection and market consolidation.


Net EU contribution
€ 150 000,00
Raemistrasse 101
8092 Zuerich

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Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera Zürich Zürich
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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