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Gender Diversity Impact – Improving research and innovation through gender diversity


Impact Factsheets

5 Gender Diversity Impact Factsheets

Gender-Diversity-Index, version 2

Consolidated, second version of the Gender-Diversity-Index.

Survey Analysis and Performance Indicator Datamining Research Report

Report synthesizing main findings of combining survey- and data mining performance indicators results.

Survey Questionnaire

Online and paper questionnaire in five languages: Swedish, English, German, Spanish, Lithuanian.

Gender-Diversity-Index, version 1

First version of Gender-Diversity-Index

Expert Workshop

Results of International Expert Workshop on the implications of Gedii outcomes regarding gender equality in science, research assessment, team management amongst others.

Scientific Article 3

Gender Diversity Impact on Research Performance: a Cross-Country Survey.

Scientific Article 2

The Gender-Diversity-Index - a foundation for assessing gender diversity impact on research performance.

Conceptual Framework: Gender Diversity and Research Performance

Conceptual framework synthesizing relevant insights from existing research in a) Gender Studies, b) Science of Team Science, c) Science assessment.

Comparative Case Studies Report

Report highlighting disciplinary and sector specific insights for downstream development of GDI and survey development.

Scientific Article 1

Gendered Team Performace: generating new insights from sociometric badges data

Gender Diversity Impact Report - Comparative Analysis and Results

Comparative report regarding results of WP2 (case studies), WP3 (GDI), and WP4 (survey) as well as country, sector, and disciplinary differences and commonalities.

Sociometric Badges Raw Data Files and Code Book

Disclosure controlled sociometric badges raw data files and code book

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