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Fostering a Transition towards Responsible Research and Innovation Systems


Validation report

Analysis of the co-RRI-experiment including inputs from the outreach workshops, final version in M24

Financing, rewarding and compensation strategy

Report describing the financing, rewarding and compensation strategy for co-RRI-projects and stakeholders. A first version will be ready in M11, a finial version in M25.

Future of RRI

Report of the back-casting exercise.

Materials for fostering uptake of co-RRI

In order to ensure the creation of other knowledge arenas and the use of the co-RRI web-based platform, guidelines and training materials will be developed.

Policy recommendations for co-RRI

One policy document will be developed embracing the whole project cycle and will include recommendations related to all phases. These recommendations will be destined to local stakeholders of the whole co-RRI value chain and describe how to best comply with the European objectives and how to best align the local actions to the global goals. Both the academia, the private sector, the public administration stakeholders and the citizens will find useful strategic guidelines that should be adapted to their local needs.

Data Management Plan

A first version of the Data Management Plan will be ready in M6. Adaptations will follow in M12, M18, M24.


Concepts for five co-RRI-projects: report consisting of five parts, one for each concept. Each part describes the local/regional problem definition of the glocal challenge, the systemic analysis of causes of and reasons for the challenges, the projected potential solution, the co-RRI project concept.

Review of and perspectives on RRI

Synthesis report of research and innovation systems (practice, barriers) and potential levers within 5 partner countries. This report integrates the results of tasks 1.1, and 1.2

Scientifc articles

Several scientific articles will be (co-)produced ( M28)

Communication and Dissemination Plan

See the description of task 5.3

Quality Assurance Plan

Setting up and implementing the quality assurance plan.

Conceptual framework for co-RRI

Based on the results of T1.1 and T1.2, a gender equal and inclusive concept (European Commission 2013b) for co-RRI will be elaborated that will be the framework for the design of the transition experiments in WP2.

Design and mandate of the competence cells

Report describing the design and mandate of FoTRRIS’s knowledge arenas. A first version will be ready in M11 and a final version in M26.

Design and specs of the co-RRI web based platform

Report describing the design and specs of the Co-RRI web based platform

Activity models

Report describing the business model for co-RRI-knowledge arenas. A first version will be ready in M11, a final version in M25.

Evaluation report

Analysis of the experiences reported by co-RRI-knowledge arena and arena participants.

Press and media products

Various press and media products, videos, e-newsletters or project blog will be made during the project (M3, M6, M9, M12, M15, M18, M21, M24)

Project website

A project website will be developed that is accessible for the wider public, except a specific directory that will be only accessible to the project partners.

Co-RRI web based platform

A first version of the co-RRI web based platform will be made in M10 and, based on the results of WP3, adjusted to make a final version in M27


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