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Control of the Ebola Oubreak by both innovative Ultrasensitive Detection of EBOV and therapy


Ebola virus diversity assessed by sequencing

The report will provide an overview of Ebola virus diversity as assessed by sequencing necessary to optimize the diagnostic, treatment and vaccine approaches.

Whole infectious profiles

The report will provide an overview of the diversity of infectious profiles from available samples.

Ethical regulations, security and safety set up for diagnostic and follow-up of patients of the phase 1 (without treatment)

Ethical regulations set up to work with the present project for diagnostic and treatment

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Metagenomic analyses and genomic fingerprint of co-infections of the EBOLA viral disease

Author(s): W. Valdivia-, D. Sheoran, G. Dubois, S. Tigrett, F. Veas
Published in: 2015

Development of a specific polyclonal immunoglobulin against Ebola

Author(s): C. Herbreteau & IF Ebola
Published in: 2015

Lessons Learned from the Development of an Ebola Immunotherapy

Author(s): R Metrop, JF Saluzzo, F Veas, C. Herbreteau
Published in: 2017

Specific polyclonal F(ab’)2immunoglobulin fragments; in vitro characterization and in vivo effectiveness in post-exposure treatment against Zaire Ebola virus in mice

Author(s): M. Denizot, T. Racine, D. Pannetier, A. Pasquier, H. Raoul, JF Saluzzo, G. Kobinger, F. Veas, C. Herbreteau
Published in: 2017

Atypical immune response of EVD Long-term survivors

Author(s): Y. Eskira A Sobarzo, F Veas L Lobel
Published in: 2017

The preparedness IF-EBOLA toolbox for rapid and efficient mitigation of upcoming outbreaks. A platform model for emerging diseases

Author(s): F.Veas
Published in: 2016

Efficiency of innovative preparedness IF-EBOLA technologies: Ultrasensitive diagnostics, horse anti-Ebola virus polyclonal Fabs & metagenomic analyses of Ebola variants and co-infections

Author(s): F.Veas
Published in: 2017

Ebola virus Genomic and Metagenomic signature Analyses of the 2014-15 West African Outbreak

Author(s): W. Valdivia, D. Sheoran, & F. Veas
Published in: Issue 7th Filovirus Conference, 2015

Multi-technological platforms to solve unmet needs for rapid and efficient management of emerging diseases

Author(s): F.Veas
Published in: 2015

A Universal virus capture method leading to a rapid and ultrasensitive detection of pathogens for early & late post-exposure countermeasures

Author(s): S Tigrett, L Lobel, F Veas
Published in: 2017

RIGEL as a Powerful Computational Architecture for Genomic & Metagenomic Signature Discrimination: Analysis of the 2014-15 West African EBOLA Outbreak”

Author(s): W. Valdivia, D. Sheoran & F. Veas
Published in: Issue Gordon Research Conferences, on Biodefense and Bioterrorism meeting, 2015, Page(s) March 8-13, 2015

Resveratrol-Linoleate protects from exacerbated endothelial permeability via a drastic inhibition of the MMP-9 activity

Author(s): A Shamseddin, C Crauste, E Durand, P Villeneuve, G Dubois, T Pavlickova, Th Durand, J. Vercauteren, and F Veas
Published in: 2018

Resveratrol formulated with a natural deep eutectic solvent inhibits active matrix metalloprotease-9 in hormetic conditions

Author(s): Aly Shamseddin, Céline Crauste, Erwann Durand, Pierre Villeneuve, Gregor Dubois, Thierry Durand, Joseph Vercauteren, Francisco Veas
Published in: European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, Issue 119/11, 2017, Page(s) 1700171, ISSN 1438-7697
DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.201700171