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Protecting citizens against intentional drinking water contamination with a water quality firewall


Validated prototype system for chlorine measurement

Upon successful completion of task 6.2, a prototype system will be built in which the developed coating will be integrated into AquaSHIELD. Its performance will be evaluated under simulated operational conditions with various types of water.

Ten (10) completed EventLab prototypes

Concluding the re-design phase of EventLab a series of prototype systems will be built for testing and validation in the demonstration phase of this project. System testing and validation under controlled laboratory conditions be performed to verify the working of the systems.

Integrated system of EventLab and MiniLab

In order to function as a firewall to (intentional) contamination events, the EventLab and MiniLab systems need to be integrated into a single solution. This deliverable consists of this integrated monitoring solution, dealing with integration of hardware, software, and the central data server.

Four (4) completed MiniLab prototypes

Fabrication and testing of MiniLab prototypes. Fabrication of 4 MiniLab prototype units. System testing and validation under controlled laboratory conditions to verify the functioning of the system.

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