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Quality determination of solid biofuels in real time


Mantex proposes to build a novel biomass scanner for the measurement of inhomogeneous biomass that will be based on its 1st generation solution for the pulp and paper industry. The new solution will not only analyse homogeneous biomass, like woodchips, but various types of biomass and from different origins. Mantex will sell to the European bioenergy industry.

Mantex will address one of the key challenges in growing the use of biomass today: the difficulty in obtaining reliable quality measures. The quality of biomass varies greatly as different kinds of biomass and lots have different compositions. However, state-of-the-art measuring technologies are not appropriate for effective decision-making, because they lack accuracy and reliability and have long timing delay for use in the dynamics of boiler control.

Mantex will build a novel biomass scanning demonstrator. The demonstrator will be placed at a bioenergy plant or, if cost effective, at or near Mantex premises. It will analyze the biomass on a moving conveyor belt determining the most important key parameters (e.g. moisture content, calorific value, ash content and unwanted items). Mantex will then suggest how to categorise biomass effectively into classes.

With this solution, for the first time, accurate knowledge of biofuel quality can, with further development, be available in real time. This makes it possible to (1) make significant efficiency gains in boiler operations at bioenergy plants (2) establish categories of various biomass types according to an incineration rather than a species perspective (3) make sourcing and the trade of biomass more efficient.

Mantex receives several inquiries a week from various countries and has presold the new scanner prior to the start of the suggested development. Hence, demand for the scanner can already be demonstrated.

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