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ICE Cubes Service - International Commercial Experiment Cubes Service


"ICE Cubes Framework + Cube#0 EM"

"ICE Cubes Framework + Cube #0 Engineering Model (hardware and software) which undergoes qualification testing."

"ICE Cubes Framework + Cube#0 TM"

"ICE Cubes Framework + Cube #0 Training Model: hardware only model (assembled with COTS equipment) featuring realistic crew interfaces."

ICE Cubes Framework GSE

ICE Cubes Framework Ground Support Equipment, both mechanical (if applicable) and electrical.

"ICE Cubes Framework + Cube#0 Demo Model"

"ICE Cubes Framework + Cube #0 Demonstration Model: hardware only model (assembled with COTS equipment)."

Identity material

Identity material: logo, templates for documents and presentations, etc.

ICE Cubes On-Board and Ground Operations Manual

The ICE Cubes On-board and Ground Operations Manual include inputs for crew procedures (to handle the FM) and ground control procedures (to handle the EM), both about the hardware and software design.

ICE Cubes System Requirements Specifications

"System specifications and interfaces for each model of the ICE Cubes Framework and the Cube #0 (EM, FM, TM and Demo Model)."

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