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Science Research - Education International Partnership --Technology-Based Collaboration among Scientists, Educators, Students and the Communities


This project lies at the point of convergence between two major opportunities for economic growth in Europe: the advent of biosciences and biotechnology and the assimilation of new knowledge by society in general, an assimilation process that required a new approach to education and its interaction with science research. It targets the creation of an international technology-based collaboration system to support students and communities in the EU and worldwide, coping with the challenges presented by the 21st century scientific revolution. This study was designed to respond to some of the urgent needs of our society in general and specifically, science education and the place it should take in our society. The main purpose of this study is to explore alternative approach to the methods used for science teaching and the ways new scientific innovations are communicated to educators, students and the community.
Migal, a science research centre in Northern Israel and its educational branch has decided to create a new researchers-educators synergy. It initiated a technology-based system to support collaboration between scientists and various parties interested in science research students, teachers and members of the society. Using the internet-based system, individuals, groups of students and teacher can work together on science projects while consulting with each other and working with scientists around the world who have the expertise in the specific research area. Migal invited Dr. Dina Bartfeld, an educational technology specialist, to return from Canada to lead this initiative and contribute her expertise in e-learning and science education to this proposed partnership.

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