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Scalable Quantum Photonic Networks

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - SCALE (Scalable Quantum Photonic Networks)

Reporting period: 2018-12-01 to 2020-05-31

The quest of SCALE is to exploit the recent significant advancements in quantum photonics to construct large-scale quantum networks comprising multiple light and matter quantum bits. Fundamental quantum light-matter building blocks with high performance have been constructed through the last decade, and it is now the challenge to scale these systems up to large and complex quantum architectures. An immediate goal is to perform in the lab a proof-of-concept quantum simulation that cannot be tackled by existing classical supercomputers. The long-term vision is to construct a large scale quantum network where solid emitters are connected by flying photons.
The highlight achievements within the first 18 months include:
* Fabrication of nanophotonic waveguide membranes with electrical contacts
* Demonstration of optical spin control on a quantum dot in a nanophotonic waveguide enabling the demonstration of a single-spin controlled switch
* Demonstration of >80% coupling of single photons from a nanowaveguide and into an optical fiber
* Demonstration of >86% indistinguishability of single photons in a nanowaveguide
* Theoretical modeling of fundamental phonon decoherence processes in photonic nanostructures
The demonstrations mentioned above are all significantly beyond current state-of-the-art performance for quantum dots in nanophotonic waveguides. The developed single-photon chips are currently commercialized in a spin-out company