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Miniature Controller for NANO-meter level Motor POSitioning

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - NANO-POS (Miniature Controller for NANO-meter level Motor POSitioning)

Reporting period: 2015-05-01 to 2015-10-31

The NANO-POS project rationale is to offer a new disruptive motion control technology that covers the unsatisfied needs of Medical, Semiconductors and Robotics applications requiring ultra-high precision positioning systems with superior performances while keeping a miniature size and low cost.

Phase I of the SME instrument has been carried out during an approximately 6 month period. The main goal was the assessment of the market feasibility and the strategy for commercialization of the technology, as well as to consolidate the work plan for the next phase.
With the above mentioned aim, INGENIA has accomplished several tasks: closed agreements with key partners worldwide; identified new industries and niche applications suitable for the technology; refined some technical aspects of the project implementation and started preparation the Phase II deployment.

As a final action on Phase I, we applied to be exhibitors at the international SPS/IPC drives, a reference fair held in Nuremberg, Germany. There we showed the first pilots of NANO-POS, got additional feedback from potential customers and closed agreements for representation of the technology as detailed further in the feasibility study.

The results achieved in Phase I have been very satisfactory. The NANO-POS project has now validated its work plan, has boosted its potential and has minimized the risks. We have generated a great expectation among potential customers and key partners that are waiting for the new technology.
The expected final results for NANO-POS project is to release a new disruptive motion control technology targeting market segments that show high growth potential. The European companies in these industries need competitive solutions to maintain global leadership in their products and services. The NANO-POS project will bring to all of them, a unique integration capability.
Once the NANO-POS technology is commercialized, it is expected that other companies worldwide will try to follow similar design strategies, boosting the concept, and reinforcing the EU as a reference culture for innovation and leadership in this area.
Miniature Controller for NANO-meter level Motor POSitioning