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Truck Security_ Fuel and cargo theft detection alarm system

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - TruckSecurity (Truck Security_ Fuel and cargo theft detection alarm system)

Reporting period: 2015-05-01 to 2015-10-31

IDTEQ provides a leading technology for secure and reliable alarm detection in remote and noisy environments. IDTEQ has developed a solution for fuel and cargo theft protection for road transport vehicles.
The IDTEQ alarm system provides a solution to a highly prioritised problem for the road transport companies. Fuel-theft is a significant problem and a continuous threat to European road transport companies, but it is a criminal activity that is often given low priority. A European market replication project of the IDTEQ solution can, in addition to providing commercial growth for IDTEQ, also provide a service platform tailored to address the needs of the road transport companies.
A well-functioning road transport sector is a success factor for the proliferation of an efficient single European market, and thus an enabler for the European economic recovery. Across Europe, the road transport companies face significant challenges of criminal activities, unfair competition due to uncoordinated national regulations and tax collection systems, and poor (social) security for its drivers.
Technologies which improve personnel safety, traffic security, and combat unfair competition are entering the market. However, high entry-barriers makes it is very challenging for new technology providers to scale a new solution on a European Level.

These barriers to entry make it difficult for new innovations to generate a wide market impact. These barriers also make it difficult for the road transport companies to efficiently solve their specific challenges through the use of new ICT.
To meet the requirement from different customer, it has been evaluated and decided to go to market with 3 different solutions of the product.
Then there has been evaluated what feature that should be in each category. There are 4 requirements or factors in each category that shall be met. This is to identify how to position the product in each category. What is the; opportunity, business position, diversify and what do IDTEQ need to control for these different segments.
The functions have been evaluated. What functions shall a system contain, what functions in the mentioned 3 categories shall explicit be a part of that product? For this it has been evaluated for all categories; technical features, operations and administration.
Lessons learned from NLF pilot
From our Pilot we have learned the challenges of providing a system for Truck Security that shall perform according to our and our customers’ expectations and satisfaction. We have seen the challenges of creating a solid and robust system taken to account that it shall work under all kinds of weather conditions. Despite these challenges iDTEQ has managed to develop just such a system that meet these requirements.
Gap analyses
Today iDTEQ has the Truck Security system up and running for commercial use/sale. Even so we see options for further improvement to be a complete surveillance system. For the open platform we see a need from Governments and Road Haulage Associations. Their need is based on the lack of information they have today from different incidents like accidents, crime as theft of goods and robbery, border control and so forth. The information they may gather from our open platform may help making legislations that can help bringing the transport industry into a more controlled and secured regime.
A security solution for the road transportation that is easily adapted in the market. A system that will improve security to the driver, owner of vehicle and carriers. also a system that can provide information to government, and road transportation associations so that they can make improvements on legislations and policies.