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Hybrid Battery Pack

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - HybridBatteryPack (Hybrid Battery Pack)

Reporting period: 2015-06-01 to 2015-11-30

The Hybrid Battery Pack (HBP) represents a unique electrical power source primary targeting the global market for electric vehicles but also applicable wherever there is a need to combine strong power surges for relatively short periods of time and lower average power consumption.

This innovation comprises two individual packs which mutually complement each other in a way that the first pack (Energy pack) provides high range whereas the other pack (Power Pack) provides huge power. The main advantages shown in the Technical report is the Hybrid Battery Pack significantly increases efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and prolongs the life cycle of the cells. The Hybrid Battery Pack combines extensive know-how with cutting-edge technology in the domain of electric vehicle powertrain.

Development of the Hybrid Battery Pack represents an introduction of a whole new disruptive technology that will change the direction of the electric powertrain development. Plan and product development effort estimations show that the Hybrid Battery Pack is primarily used for industrial clients in global electric sports cars and supercar market. Furthermore, we have tested the HBP on a smaller scale in order to identify all possible results and applications with the calculation of material and development cost thus identifying the saving potential of the product. The HBP is clearly superior to other available components demonstrated by the benchmarking process.
During the six months, the feasibility study ran, a special Rimac team focussed on how to maximise this EU funding support opportunity. The results were outstandingly positive and encouraging.

There were 9 specific tasks specified for this project. Please find bellow the summary of the work done and the main results achieved.

T1.1. Definition of all possible market niches for product acceptance
Our objective was to test the acceptance of our products with sports car and supercar manufacturers as well as the racing teams with whom we have collaborated in the past or who have expressed great interest in potential collaboration. We have also done a detailed business potential matrix which forecasts the revenue potential of the Rimac Automobili Hybrid Battery Pack.

T1.2. Testing of the Hybrid Battery Pack on a smaller scale in order to identify all possible results and applications
We carried out computer calculations and simulations to forecast and predict expected outcomes. In order to determine battery behaviour, each cell type (energy and power) was tested in a small scale test as well as in the actual vehicle. The performance over time was, also, measured.

T1.3. Determination of Hybrid Battery Pack dimensions and components
We investigated the battery cells which could be integrated into the two packs based on the common output efficiency benchmark. Thorough elaboration of the complete system was given with detailed advantages of the Hybrid Battery Pack.

T1.4. Calculation of the material and development costs
The small scale testing has advanced our understanding and has allowed us to draw up a detailed Bill of Material for the items required. It included a product name, needed quantity, manufacturer as well the price per product which allowed the estimation of the cost saving per Hybrid Battery Pack.

T1.5. Identification of saving potential with the optimization of production process
With the detailed elaboration of the Bill of Material (BoM), we have identified new saving potential to meet, if required, new customer expectations in higher volumes. Production method changes have also been taken into consideration.

T1.6. Benchmarking against currently available components
Three examples illustrated to show how Rimac Automobili product compared to other solutions. Such comparisons included a power to weight ratio comparison, energy density comparison as well as module adaptability comparison.

T1.7. Calculation of the payback time
A combined cost-benefit analysis and the financial forecast was calculated for the Hybrid Battery Pack production and demonstrated in the technical report.

T1.8. Intellectual property rights, licensing and contracting
Research was conducted on trademarking, copyright and patent protection of the Hybrid Battery Pack for regional and global protection. Types of protection were looked into detail as well as specialist for patent protection, contracting and licensing consulted on costs and opportunities.

T1.9. Commercialization strategy
Product potential was established. Commercialisation strategy for the Hybrid Battery Pack was mapped in detail with steps which would ensure all aspects of product production and placement. A Royalty matrix has been devised in anticipation for potential partnership opportunities.
The Hybrid Battery Pack project under the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument for Phase 1 has allowed us to explore in detail all elements of the project including a better understanding of any technical issues or the clients’ needs in relation to the HBP.

Other than the technical aspects of the project Rimac Automobili has had the ability to establish close collaboration with local and regional manufacturers across the European Union. With the planned production of the said technology significant business opportunities will arise which will allow for that professional dialogue between Rimac Automobili and other prospective suppliers (the majority of them being small and medium enterprises) to continuously flourish.
With the expected interest of manufacturers in a range of market niches and therefore annual rise in the production of the Hybrid Battery Pack Rimac Automobili plans to employ more highly skilled professionals from all Europe. As a company who has shown a key interest in making people from different backgrounds a part of the Rimac Automobili family, we aim to continue with such practice in the future.

With a hand-finished, bespoke nature product we aim at increasing our customer base with a significant potential for business collaboration with other fast-growing technology companies in the European Union area.
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Hybrid Battery Pack
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