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Nanostructured gripping material for clamping complex workpieces


"""FRESMAK, in collaboration with POLYMAT (University of Basque Country), has developed an alternative innovative clamping element, called TGRIP, based on the principle of adhesion. Main features of TGRIP are:• It’s a rigid, non-residue leaving, reversible and reusable adhesive material activated and deactivated through temperature (>60⁰C) that maintains adhesion force at ambient temperature.• Easy to manufacture, cheap material that can be machined at precisions below 0,003 mm, to create high precision fixture-workpiece contacts and unions.• Does not compromise the cutting area, exactly like electromagnetic and vacuum clamping.• Very high adhesion, clamping and cutting forces per unit of surface (1.000 N/cm2), between 6-12 times higher than the electromagnetic and vacuum technologiesThis principle is applicable both to ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials, and is suitable for thin wall and complex geometries. At the same union force range it is 50% cheaper than the vacuum alternative and 80% cheaper than the electromagnetic solution. At a same range piece of high complexity, due to TGRIP requires less fixture equipment and machining steps, it is 70% cheaper than the mechanical clamping systems.""

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