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reduce - recycle - reuse eMobility - retrofitting-kits for busses


The overall objective of the envisaged project is to establish a production system for refurbishing and retrofitting the bodies of diesel-driven-busses after their service life. These bodies are usually still in a very good condition and have a high potential for being refurbished and retrofitted with electric powered drive systems. In Germany the public transport sector is about 39.600 busses strong (2013). Only 46,6% of these buses have EURO-IV and higher, 20,4% EURI-III, 23,5% EURO-II and 9,5% are much older. European wide (EU27) there are about 8.200.000 busses and coaches ! Like in Germany (39.600 of 79.200) around 50% of this are busses in public transport – around 400.000 busses. This shows the high potential of this market in whole Europe like this map is also showing.
Retrofitting is not only a sustainable way to use resources , but it is also economic feasible for the customer, because the body and many of the components are reused and have a remaining value about 100 – 200 T€!
Furthermore, the ecologic impact plays a more and more important role. First cities decided to close their inner cities up to 2020 for diesel-vehicles (for example Paris ) or for vehicles with CO2-emissions (for example London) or Copenhagen as carbonneutral city up to 2025 . We can be sure, that other regions and cities will follow. E-mobility is the key to success and needs further funding for development.
The objective of this project is to demonstrate, that rebuilding busses with electric powered drive systems will have a significant market in Europe and a large and sustainable benefit for the public transport sector:
• economic wise, because the operational costs are about 50% cheaper than diesel-driven busses (assembly, operation, maintenance)
• innovation wise, because these vehicles are equipped with several sensors that are contected to the internet to give more precise information
• ecological wise, because of CO2-emission-free operation.

Field of science

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Funding Scheme

SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


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