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Optimisation, demonstration and implementation of an all-encompassing smart site management system for infrastructure construction and maintenance.

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - SmartSite (Optimisation, demonstration and implementation of an all-encompassing smart site management system for infrastructure construction and maintenance.)

Reporting period: 2016-07-01 to 2017-06-30

Highway Resource Solutions (HRS) is an emerging technology leader in the field of temporary worksite safety solutions that can be rapidly deployed. Engaging closely with end users during the development of its Intellicone® platform it became apparent that there is a major need for flexible technologies that can help improve safety as well as improve operational efficiency at temporary worksites. These worksites are common in highway maintenance and major infrastructure construction. In order to minimise disruption these are often confined and continuously changing. As a result it is challenging to avoid potential harm to workers on foot by moving plant or to prevent high vehicles from hitting over head structures and cables. In order to remain competitive Europe needs to maintain and improve its transport infrastructure. However, as there is limited scope for new roads and railways, there is an increasing pressure on national governments to maximise the capacity of their existing networks to achieve infrastructure upgrades and renewals. SmartSite will provide a technology platform that is easy to use and scalable. It will help the construction industry improve site safety whilst enabling safer interaction between personnel on foot and moving plant. As a result it will help improve productivity which will minimise delays for motorists and helps achieve Europe’s ambitions transport plans for 20130. SmartSite will help HRS achieve exponential growth increasing sales potential within Europe and beyond.


- injuries and fatalities of road workers working inside temporary traffic management
- injuries and fatalities of workers within work areas by plant and moving equipment & vehicles
- damage to infrastructure (i.e. cables) due to high vehicles
- inefficiencies due do confined working spaces with multiple operations

Societal benefits:

- reduced level of injuries and fatalities and associated cost
- improved quality of live
- reduction of delays for motorists
During the first period of the project, a new device management platform has been developed which enables the design of workzones and application of rule sets to these. This means that equipment can automatically set itself to the specific workzone, significantly improving usability and reducing set up time. Real live tests with end users have validated the system which is called Integrated Safety Management (ISM) Studio. Hardware developments have resulted in miniaturised footprint and significantly reduced power consumption. This will enable longer operation in the field making it easier for the user to handle. The technologies developed so far can be used to rapidly warn the workforce of entrance of unauthorised vehicles into their works area. It also helps drivers by alerting them of upcoming hazards in real time.

Results achieved:

- development of device management system and work zone creator tool
- development and miniaturisation of alarm system hardware
- development of portable beacon technology

During the second period of the project, the SmartSite hardware and software developments were finalised and prototypes produced for controlled and field testing. Over 1000 sensors and 70 connected beacons were produced and trialled across the UK in different live road closure environments.

Results achieved:

- tested and validated device management platform and graphical user interface/log in
- tested and validated sensor hardware and RF protocols
- tested and validated IoT hardware
- completed field trial phase

Dissemination work has been performed in a wide range of media including demonstrations to end users across the UK. An exploitation plan has been prepared and will be rolled out post project.
The new device management platform is unique in that it can handle a large number of devices of different types relaying alarm signals of different levels to different people inside a workzone. Specific rule sets can be applied instantly and device functionality is therefore a function of this rule set and location. This is enabling the use of real time safety systems and the associated information derived from these which is already contributing to site safety via a range of trials that have been performed. The miniaturised sensor hardware is state of the art and unrivalled. The system will significantly enhance the safety or road and construction workers and help vehicle drivers navigate site hazards safely.

The ultimate beneficiaries of the project will be road workers and road users who will experience a safer working environment and safer journey as a result.
Industry problem - workzone breached
Safety device in action