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Periodic Reporting for period 2 - OX-SIHA (INTEGRAL WATER SANITATION SYSTEM)

Reporting period: 2016-07-01 to 2017-09-30

The quality of water, whether used for drinking, domestic purposes, food production or recreational purposes has an important impact on health. Many different treatments (physical, chemical and biological) are used to remove pathogen microorganisms (i.e. Legionella pneumophila and E. coli). However, controlling of bacteria is not enough to ensure water quality. Studies have demonstrated that not only bacteria can cause diseases, because FREE-LIVING AMOEBAE (FLA) can also be found in water. To date, water control strategies are effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae. Nevertheless, the existing products for water treatment are not effective against amoebae.
Taking into account this context, the general objective of the project is to commercialise an efficient biocidal system, environmentally friendly and economically feasible that guarantees the total disinfection of water. The system will be commercialised as a water sanitation pack (OX-SIHA) comprised of the following modules:
- Unique and first world in-situ sampling system to detect Acanthamoeba in water environments by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.
- A biocidal formulate, environmentally friendly and affordable capable of eliminating all pathogenic microorganisms (including Acanthamoeba and bacteria contained within)
- The formula will feature a joint biocidal-catalyst system making the formula environmentally friendly.
- An automatic remote water management system. The system will be controlled by a software that will manage data processing, statistics analysis, product dosage and alerts.
- An accurate biocidal dosage system, applying the biocidal for water treatment only when necessary.
WORK PACKAGE 1: Refinement of the biocidal formula, modules and assembly of the system: OXCTA has developed a biocidal formulate, environmentally friendly and affordable capable of eliminating all pathogenic microorganisms. OXSIHA is composed by: Continuous water sampling system, Detection system, a Dosage system and a Catalyser module. It is also included a Software of remote control and management. The software incorporates a great innovation regarding risk assessment in terms of water quality. The core part is the control software, which is a web platform located in the cloud.
WORK PACKAGE 2: Testing in small-medium size clients .This task has been carried out in the two clients. One is related to industrial area and the other is related to animal production. First of all, the expert team of OX-CTA involved in the project explained to the technical team of OX-CTA their knowledge about OX-SIHA system. Later on, since the implementation process started, technical team of OX-CTA has started the training of operators of both facilities where the OX-SIHA system is being tested. Tests have been carried out by the client staff and the technical staff of OX-CTA, supervised by the OX-SIHA experts. Budgeted consumables as filters, biocidal product, and tests materials have been used.The visits to pilot clients and the conversations and meetings with their staff gave us invaluable feedback about problems detected, improvements and possibilities for commercialization.
WORK PACKAGE 3: Testing in large size clients. This task has been carried out in two big size clients. One of them is related to industrial area and the other is related to food production area. Since the implementation process started, technical team of OX-CTA has started the training of operators of both facilities. The test was carried out as planned, with a long consumption of consumables materials, as it was budgeted.The information obtained from clients was also very useful, not only to validate the system but also to validate our commercial plans, the strategies related with size of clients, sectors or geographical areas.
WORK PACKAGE 4: INDUSTRIALISATION OF THE PRODUCT. The design of the production plant have been carried out, even thinking on the initial staff necessities. Test for the biocidal production were carried out, using the necessary product. Also packaging for product and for the new equipment was tested. OX-CTA is operating according to ISO 9001, so that, the quality control system implemented to the manufacturing process of product and equipment involved in OX-SIHA has been designed according to that standard. The final production parameters were defined. In the whole production process, but especially on this task, the industrialization coach provided by the Horizon 2020 Coaching Support Program has been a great help.
WORK PACKAGE 5: DISSEMINATION AND EXPLOITATION. Project website OX-CTA installed its own stand in three international Exhibitions in Germany, Thailand and Mexico. And our commercial staff has visited also Exhibitions in USA and Spain. An Open Day took place on 28 September 2017, in the OX-CTA headquarters.
A promotional video has been recorded. It can be watched in Also some fungible materials as product sheets and brochures have been edited. Some articles were published in specific media: Albeitar in May 2017,Vacuno de Élite in June 2017, Monographic Biosecurity AgriNews Group 2017 in April 2017, Article published in specialized newspaper in Colombia in June 2017. Also the Project has been promoted in different TV programs: “En ruta con la ciencia” and “Hecho en Huesca” .Meeting with potential clients. Trademarks were already registered and we have patented the OX-SIHA system in two blocks. Also the intellectual property of the OX-SIHA software is being protected.
NOVELTY. OX-CTA has developed a worldwide innovative prototype in water consumption sector, that mean a relevant leap in the sector, therefore a technical differentiation in the market and of course a competitive advantage against competitors that will be appreciated.
Detection. State of the art. Sampling at a particular time, no continuous sampling. Commercial in-situ equipment that detect bacteria and physical-chemical features. Need external laboratories to analyse the existence of amoeba. Progress of OX-SIHA. Continuous sampling, in situ equipment capable of detecting Acanthamoeba, bacteria and physical-chemical features. Unprecedented in real time system
Biocidal formulation. State of the art. Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Sodium Bromide, Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydroxide Peroxide are not effective against amoebae. Progress of OX-SIHA. Effective against Acanthamoeba. Effective against virulent bacteria. Effective against virulent vesicles full of virulent bacteria. Environmentally friendly biocidal solution (Catalyser). Universal magisterial formulation for any sector where water is demanded (Animal Health, Aquaculture, Energy sector, Food industry, Plant Health Defence, Public health)
Monitoring and control of the dosage. State of the art. Commercial solutions capable to detect, determine and deliver improved scale, corrosion and microbiological performance and then deliver the appropriate chemical response. Progress of OX-SIHA. Thanks to Acanthamoeba detection OX-SIHA uses a new control software that manages Amoeba variable. Therefore, the data analysis is more exhaustive and complete, and will permit extremely accurate dosage that ensure in real time and in a continuously form the healthiness of the water. As a result, the amount biocide used is always in the most exactly proportion.