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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - iDriver (iDriver)

Reporting period: 2015-06-01 to 2015-11-30

This project was aimed at the techno-commercial evaluation/ feasibility study of the iDriver product. iDriver represents revolutionary integrated wireless driver for LED streetlights.

Key objectives as part of this feasibility study were:
- Technical viability: This involved technical assessment of integration between a conventional LED Driver together with state-of-the-art wireless controls which in turn regulates the light intensity based on the time schedule and human presence.
- Commercial viability: This involved market research, user expectations assessment, cost reduction potential, and more importantly investigation if there is an appetite for such a solution within the lighting ecosystem.
- Operation and Business Strategy analysis: Investigating potential key partners, exploring detailed business model with such a partner
- IP protection and regulation analysis: Here the IP rights such as patents, trademarks and trade secrets should be assessed.
- Deliver a business plan: the outcome of the feasibility study should be a business plan for the iDriver product. The feasibility study was intended to provide analysis to the management team whether or not to pursue the development and commercialization of iDriver.
The following summarizes the key work performed:
- Tvilight technology team investigated the market needs for iDriver within its channel partners (Lighting fixture manufacturers) as well as over 10 end-customers who could be treated as early-adopters.
- It became clear that Tvilight should focus on its strength (wireless, controls, sensors and the light management software), however the company should not focus on developing in-house power electronics team (needed for Driver). Tvilight should rather focus on partnering/ cooperating with a leading LED Driver manufacturer
- Tvilight commercial team further approached over 5 leading LED Driver manufacturers worldwide for potential partnership
- The company has proudly signed partnership and letter of intent with one of the world’s top 5 market leader in the field of Driver manufacturer.
- Together with this manufacturer, Tvilight developed a working functional iDriver for outdoor LED street lighting market. Considering the European market needs, 40W power supply was chosen as a market entry product. The product meets (and to an extent exceeds) the original price/ performance targets
- Furthermore, Tvilight team has developed a business plan for commercializing this solution.
The following describes progress made beyond the state-of-the-art as well as expected impact of the iDriver product
- Tvilight has successfully partnered with one of the leading global manufacturer of LED Drivers. Within this partnership, both the partners will focus on their technology strength, while jointly develop and implement the go-to-market strategy.
- Together with this partner, Tvilight has successful developed a working functional product.
- This integrated product (iDriver) is up to 40% economic when compared to existing solutions available in the market.
- IDriver offers faster return on investment (3-5 years), in comparison to the conventional 5-8 years offered by competing products
- This solution can save up to 80% energy and reduces the operation and maintenance costs by up to 50% on streetlights
- iDriver can measure energy consumption and, in future, provide live feedback to the energy grid
- iDriver enables full remote monitoring and controlling of the street lights – enabling on-demand services. It can automatically communicate failures to the control room. This in turn makes the maintenance economical and more efficient than it is right now, that is, by enabling preventive maintenance in comparison to ad-hoc maintenance.
- Due to the above merits, this solution will support accelerating the adoption of energy efficient streetlights within the public lighting and industrial lighting sector.
- Tvilight and our partner’s business plan demonstrate excellent export potential of this product across Europe as well as in US/ Canada, India and China.
- Furthermore, Tvilight expects to generate over 10 new job openings in coming 2 years. Likewise, our partner expects to generate a similar number of FTE's in Europe.
Visual representation of the integrated smart wireless LED driver for outdoor streetlights