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SUstainabLe Tunnel Agriculture with light cascade techNology

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SULTAN (SUstainabLe Tunnel Agriculture with light cascade techNology)

Période du rapport: 2015-06-01 au 2015-11-30

"Cascade, a spin-off of LPRL laboratory, is a French SME located in Clamart founded by Mr Frederic PEILLERON in 2012.
For more than 20 years, the LPRL, a French private laboratory, has been working on “light cascade"" effects that create a shift of the solar spectrum which leads to a doping of the natural process of photosynthesis in greenhouses. With this unique and innovative know how, Cascade decided to develop an environmental solution to improve the agronomic yield of crops in greenhouses. This solution increases food production of protected crops of fruits and vegetables using sustainable and efficient processing. It reduces cost of food production as it allows more efficient use of farmland.
Light cascade technology brings a perfect answer to the requirement of a green-efficient, cost-saving solution to increase crop yield and reduce production cycles. This is a growing European and global market creating huge business opportunities. Most all European countries and a large part of the world are in need of environmental and sustainable solutions to improve crop yields. This interest fuels development of world greenhouse market, a long term growing market with huge business opportunities. Cascade’s long-term objective is to become the world specialist in sunlight spectrum control solutions. Our objective is to become a new standard in the market.
Cascade’s solution is a revolutionary and sustainable way to improve agronomic crop yields in greenhouses and thus food production. It is technologically ready for industrialization.
After preliminary work achieved technical satisfaction and led to a strong interest of potential customers, the SULTAN project will allow to generally refine the company business plan to reach the market with the maximized marketing and commercialization strategy.
Cascade is a French SME, created in 2012, specialized in light technologies. Cascade exploits proprietary optical technologies that lead to a more efficient use of sunlight for various applications. Cascade’s solutions are thus used for two key market applications, agriculture sector and photovoltaic domain. In December 2014, the innovative company has been winner of SME instrument phase 1 with the project SULTAN. The subsidy awarded by the European commission has given us the possibility to:
• Define the communication strategy and elaborate a communication plan;
• Perform a complete market study;
• Define the industrialization strategy;
• Define an IP and regulatory strategy.
Those different actions have been leading us to entirely refine our business strategy and thus, our business plan.
To Cascade, the expected outcome is therefore to sell an ecological solution able to increase crop yield and reduce production cycles with 3 main advantages:
• Environmental: by doping the photosynthesis, our solution only uses natural energy;
• Cost savings: by limiting the use of chemicals while increasing crop yield, costs to produce fruit and vegetable will decrease;
• Quality: by using natural energy and less chemicals, food quality will be much more improved.
Cascade's greenhouse tunnels inside
Cascade's greenhouse tunnels
Cascade's films and particules