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Validation of a fast and simple peripheral blood diagnostic biomarker kit for Alzheimer’s disease


Letters and project updates to patient organisation Alzheimer Europe

AD patient organizations will be contacted to disseminate the project progress regarding AD diagnosis with the ADDIA assay to AD patients and their families, via announcements on patient organization’s websites and sending out letters.

Scientific papers prepared for peer-reviewed open access journals

Amoneta aims to raise the awareness, acceptance and support of the scientific and medical experts regarding the novel IVD assay for AD diagnosis:  Outcomes from the ADDIA project will be presented at international and national conferences.  Regular updates (in the form of abstracts, presentations, posters) regarding the progress of the project and the preliminary results will be provided to all relevant scientific organisations at European and international level.  Scientific articles of the findings of the clinical trial will be published in (open access) peer reviewed scientific and medical journals.


ADDIA Chronobiology Study and Proof-of-Performance Study to Validate Blood-Based Biomarkers for the Diagnostic of early Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

Author(s): F. Blanc, F. Giovanni, M. Marizzoni, C. Mutter, J.C. Bier, F. Sellal, J.F. Démonet, S. Boutillier, H. Firat, S. Moussaoui, R. David, A. Ivanoiu, E. Magnin, A. Gabelle, F. Pasquier, H. Gurvit, B. Dubois
Published in: 2019
Publisher: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases

Addia, a Multi- Center Clinical Study of Proof-of-Performance to Validate Blood-Based Biomarkers for the Diagnostic of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD): The Study Protocol.

Author(s): Bruno Dubois, MD, PhD, Professor, Jean-Christophe Bier, MD, Frederic Blanc, MD, PhD, Renaud David, MD, PhD, Jean-François Démonet, MD, PhD, Hüseyin Firat, MD, PhD, Giovanni B Frisoni, Prof, PhD, MD, Audrey Gabelle, MD, PhD, Hakan I. Gurvit, MD, Adrian Ivanoiu, MD, PhD, Eloi Magnin, MD, PhD, Moira Marizzoni, PhD, Saliha Moussaoui, PhD, Florence Pasquier, MD PhD and François Sellal, MD
Published in: 2018
Publisher: Alzheimer's Association International Conference

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