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Bertha G - better enzymes - than gas

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BERTHA-G (Bertha G - better enzymes - than gas)

Reporting period: 2015-05-01 to 2015-10-31

The impact is bigger than initially expected - Disruption is feasible. Our feasibility analysis carried out in stage 1 of H2020 SME instrument has revealed both; our unprecedented solution will be the basis for a commercially successful business and disrupt the fossil fuel supply of a whole country or region such as Europe!

For this reason, we will carry on with our project.

Objectives have become clearer. Over the course of this project, new market potentials have been identified and initial assumptions were verified. These clarifications are crucially important to setup a viable business.

Concept and approach have become more precise and clear. As a next step, the refined business concept and the elaborated realization plan are the basis for the acquiring the funding needed to start the pilot phase. An amount of approx. € 2.5 needed. This investment shall mainly come from private investors and strategic partners. Gensoric aspires to leverage these investments with an SME Instrument 2nd stage project. As a next step, the company is applying for this very advantageous funding (next cutoff date Q1 / 2016). Some of the most remarkable project results are:

- Realizing our vision of an energy-independent Europe is feasible. The study reveals that the impact of our solution goes far beyond saving costs and storing energy. We enable our end users to produce fuel from unlimited resources around them at plannable and low cost. The dependence from regions with vast fossil resources can be breached!

- Entirely new Product. We verified that there is currently no similar solution. We are the first to enable private house owners to produce their own fuel and gain total independence from central fossil fuel supply (gas, oil).

- Refined Business Concept. Together with experienced venture capital investors, we designed the business model and analyzed the enterprise valuation potential which can exceed € 1 bln. at a realistic market penetration rate solely in Europe (rest of world markets were excluded). The underlying assumptions of the business plan were verified during the project.

- Strategic Partners and further Investors were acquired. We found further investors and could start intensive negotiations with strategic partners (heating system, utility corporations).
- Own brand identity created (willpower)
- Animation (explanation f crowd funding)
- Customer needs / decision making process analyzed
- Alternatives, Substitutes /Competitors analyzed and USP defined
- Market Entry Strategy elaborated (lead user concept, innovation diffusion model)
- Business Modell designed
- Business plan refined and enterprise valuation potential analysed
- Concept to optimize and scale up Core technology (enzyme-triggered reactions)
- Strategic partners and investors approached
- One Investor has signed
- Follow-up strategy elaboaretd: SME 2nd stage project, strategic investor, crowd invest
- Commercialisation Strategy: spin-out of Gensoric (see pic)
Our vision is to make Europe independent from fossil fuels, especially oil and natural gas. In a first step, we are concentrating on replacing the centralized supply of fossil fuels (natural gas, oil) for residential heating purposes. We are achieving this by enabling the house owner to produce their own fuel in an environmentally friendly way from the resources they have unrestricted access to: water, electricity (preferably from renewable resources) and CO2 from ambient air. No central supply of fossil fuels such as natural gas or oil-based products is needed any longer! The output can be stored, burnt (use for heating) or even re-converted into electricity using a methanol fuel cell.

Full independence from central energy supply possible. Due to Gensoric’s proprietary platform technology, this process can be realized under ambient conditions. No sophisticated process technologies and facilities are needed. In fact, everybody can run his or her own refinery in the backyard. The first application targets one of the biggest usage of fossil fuel: heating for residential purposes. Using the Gensoric system, the end user can achieve CO2 neutrality and a full independence from central fossil fuel supply (natural gas pipeline, oil transport) when the Gensoric system is combined with small wind turbines or already installed photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Verified during the feasibility study: our product is entirely new to the market and possesses significant advantages over incumbent and potential substitutes and alternative solutions:

- Real independency from fossil fuels
- Planable, non-volatile costs
- Store excess renewable energy
- Contribute to a CO2-neutral economy - CO2 utilization at home for everyone
- Runs under ambient conditions – low temperature and low pressure
- No continuous influx of CO2
- Easy Integration in existing infrastructure e.g. established heating systems

Disruption will take place on several levels. At the very core of the technology, CO2 is converted into methanol under ambient conditions. As the Fig. 5 below shows, this technology impacts not only the Consumer on an individual or community level. It will also open new strategic business line especially for German utility corporations that are in desperate need for new business models (the German energy transition strategy). Applied on a nation level, our technology can help diminish the dependence from fossil energy carriers such as oil and gas. Once spread throughout an entire country, totally new strategic options arise since the dependence on energy supply from regions such as Saudi Arabia or Russia is sinking.
Residential Fuel Generation - Use of Arm's Length, undepletable Resources
Commercialisation Strategy
Broad and depp socioeconomic impact of willpowersystem
Milestones achieved