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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - WESTinnoMAR (WESTinnoMAR)

Période du rapport: 2015-09-01 au 2017-08-31

The proposed project addresses the action for “Establishing services “Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs” in the Enterprise Europe Network” to improve the innovation management capacity of SMEs. The activities foreseen under this proposal is to give Activity 4 of EEN services to SMEs. 12 full enhancing SMEs’ innovation management capacity service packages will be offered to SME’s till the end of 2016 and every service package is foreseen as 7 days in the proposal. Additionally, 14 day KAM serviceswill be offered for successful beneficiaries of SME instrument Phase 1.
Planned process for Key account management services were:
• The first contact to the SME’s will be made after receiving the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 Beneficiaries list from the SME NCP’s.
• After contacting with SME and if the SME accept the offer to provide KAM
• Assessment of SME gap and needs and identifying and selecting the lead coach (1,5 days) Facilitating initial coach-SME interaction to prepare coaching plan ( 1days)
• Close the case and direct to SMEs to instrument phase 2 (0,5 days).

Planned process for Enhancing SMEs’ innovation management capacity services were:
• Assessment of SME’s suitability for the service
• Assessment of innovation management capacity based on performance (0.5 days)
• Needs/gaps analysis and action plan development (1 day)
• Action plan implementation (5 days)
• Closing the case and final report preparation (0.5 days).
The expected impact of KAM services were :
2. Succesfull implementation of SME instruments projects
3. Determine the strong and weak points of the projects and
4. Providing the SMEs satisfactory in the processes
5. Increasing numbers of SMEs which are involved in HORIZON 2020
6. Boost the success probability of innovation processes
7. Taking part in the market of developed products, services

As mentioned previous parts, consortia could not applied the services because there was no succesfull application the scope of the SME instrument in the region covered.

Considering the “Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs” the expected impacts were:
• Revenue and profit from new goods, services, marketing
• Savings from new process, organization
• Review and actions on intelligence, strategy, collaboration
• Review and actions on innovation process, project management
• Market share increase
• Product quality improvement
• Reduction of material costs per
• Unit of product improvement in the environmental impact or health and safety aspects
• Compliance with legal regulations and standards
• Increased awareness of the European Commission and activities