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New Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases: “ND4ID”


E-Bug Educational packages

E-Bug as a means to reaching out to young students: The e-Bug project ( is a DG SANCO funded project established in 2006 and involves a consortium of 28 countries, in Belgium led by partner 1 (UA). The project aims to educate children and young people, at junior and senior school level, about microbiology, hygiene and the spread, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. Our ESRs will make use of this platform to develop 3 educational packages (lesson packs, fact sheets, quiz, games, home science project) related to IVDs. As the E-bug website and project are already well known throughout Europe and beyond, this platform will ensure optimal outreach and visibility of the project at our target group of young (future) scientists. Simultaneously, this will teach the ESRs how to translate their research into an easy-to-understand format and provides them with multimedia training.

ND4ID website, Twitter account and Facebook account with content

ND4ID website and social media presence of ND4ID and our ESRs: A public website, linked to a Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter account will be developed and maintained and will serve as our “one to many” communication tool informing all target groups about the project, its goals and activities. It will have links to related projects such as RAPP-ID, PREPARE, COMPARE, ROUTINE, COMBACTE, ND4BB and will serve as the repository for teaching and training material used during the training events, electronic versions of publications (open access), proceedings from the International Conference, PhD manuscripts and other (non-confidential) project related information. The website and social media will contain elements such as ESR blogs and vlogs, giving the audience a first hand account of their experiences. The website will also have a protected section containing working spaces and repositories for the network participants (e.g. for sharing of contact details, meeting minutes, organisation of training events, analysis protocols, preliminary reports, publications in progress.)

Training event 4

TECH3: Key Enabling Technologies TRANS2: Managing Innovation and Knowledge

Training event 3

CLIN2: Role of NGS in the clinical environment


CHALL1 Research plan The four ESR teams are given the assignment to draft a clear research plan on how to validate (analytical, clinical) the results of their WP and report on ethical and regulatory aspects, applying their knowledge of TRANS1. This will help them understand the validation and regulatory trajectory and associated time frame of diagnostic test development.

Training event 1

CLIN1: Clinical management of infectious diseases TECH1: BioAssay Development

Training event 2

TECH2: Sample Preparation TRANS1: Addressing Ethical, Regulatory and Legal aspects

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Modular Optofluidic Systems (MOPS)

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