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Humanities at Scale: Evolving the DARIAH-ERIC


DARIAH service integration demonstrators

Publication of at least 2 DARIAH integration demonstrators, which will showcase the joint use of DARIAH quality assessed services.

Design and sustainability plan for open humanities data platform

The plan includes identification of stakeholders, user requirements based on best-practices, stakeholder requirements, an analysis of existing repositories and platforms, a design for an open access platform, a sustainability plan and recommendations for setting up a data journal.

Basic DARIAH services and demonstrators

Implementation of basic DARIAH services; selection and launch of at least 2 proof-of-concept basic service demonstrators for the DARIAH community.

Alternative Funding Models

A guide describing alternative and novel funding models for the self-organisation of DARIAH research communities.

Report on Researchers’ service needs

The report will summarize the results of needs for basic services in the DARIAH community.

State of the art report on open access publishing

The report includes the state-of-the-art on generic open access publication of research data, the challenges for humanities and best practices that guide researchers in the most common situations.

DARIAH Ethical Strategy

A report describing the legal and ethical framework for DARIAH.

Quality Assurance Plan

The quality assurance plan, delivered at M3, will define all project quality control procedures.

Regional Support Networks

Define and publish on the DARIAH ERIC website a number of regional support networks covering the whole of the ERA. Develop an internal report on working with national contact points.

Publicity Material

A set of publicity materials aiming at maximizing the uptake of the DARIAH infrastructure will be launched and widely distributed in month 12. Prospective users will be provided with concise background information and easily accessible guides, tailored to the specific needs of different communities, outlining on how to make best use of the infrastructure.

DARIAH Summer/Winter Schools

Organise at least 2 DARIAH summer/winter schools in ERA regions without a long-standing tradition in digital humanities.

Regional digital humanities outreach activities

Organise at least 3 regional workshops covering specific research areas together with funding opportunities in the digital humanities, as relevant to local communities and based on the DARIAH infrastructure. Regional workshops will focus on integrating new research communities and regions. A workshop will be organised in Bosnia and the other events will involve DH researchers and institutions from EU countries not yet members of DARIAH: DARIAH-HR, DARIAH-GR and DARIAH-DK will act as hubs for developing a stronger network.

DARIAH Ambassador Network

Develop senior DARIAH members into ambassadors for their disciplines and regions and publish a contact database on the DARIAH ERIC website.

Open Humanities Methods Review Journal

Launch of a new open methods review journal that puts digital methods into the context of their use in digital humanities projects.

Master Classes

This task will organize at least three Master Classes, 3-4 days events, which will focus on how use the DARIAH infrastructure.

Training material integration and publication of proof-of-concepts

Integrate DARIAH training material from its member states and publish at least 2 proof-of-concepts for e-learning environments.

Project Communication Instruments

It comprises the initial launch of the public website including social media integration, and the implementation of the intra-project communication tools and the contact database.

DARIAH innovation Forum

An expert forum focussing on innovations coming out of DARIAH. Participants will include relevant members of the DARIAH community and from the cultural and creative industries.

Creative and Cultural Industries Innovation Conference

Conference in the 2017 European City of Culture Aarhus to present the results of the innovation forum and investigate the digital transformation of the creative and cultural industries.

Distributed Metadata Schema and Demonstrator for Open Humanities Methods

Development of a distributed metadata schema to describe digital humanities tools and methods; embed the results in the DARIAH ERIC website

Open data in the humanities platform

Open data platform including services such as registration of content as well as for navigation.


OpenMethods - Collaborative platform for highlighting Open Access content about DH methods and tools

Author(s): Ribbe, Paulin; Engelhardt, Claudia; Larrousse, Nicolas; Leone, Claudio; Montoliu, Delphine; Moranville, Yoann; Mounier, Pierre; Wuttke, Ulrike
Published in: DARIAH Innovation Forum 2017, Issue 7, 2017

Open Humanities Methods Review Journal

Author(s): Engelhardt, Claudia; Leone, Claudio; Larrousse, Nicolas; Montoliu, Delphine; Moranville, Yoann; Mounier, Pierre; Oltersdorf, Jenny; Ribbe, Paulin; Wuttke, Ulrike
Published in: [Research Report] DARIAH; TGIR Huma-Num (UMS 3598); Göttingen State and University Library. 2017, Issue 1, 2017

Open Data in the Humanities Platform

Author(s): Buddenbohm, Stefan; de Jong, Maaike; Priddy, Mike; Moranville, Yoann; Ribbe, Paulin
Published in: [Technical Report] DARIAH; DANS-KNAW; TGIR Huma-Num (UMS 3598). 2017, Issue 4, 2017

Basic DARIAH Services and Demonstrators

Author(s): Matoni, Markus; Schmunk, Stefan; Thiel, Carsten
Published in: [Other] Göttingen State and University Library; DARIAH. 2017, Issue 8, 2017

D5.1 Report on Integrated Service!Needs: DARIAH (in kind) contributions - Concept and Procedures

Author(s): de Leeuw, lisa; Admiraal, Femmy; Ďurčo, Matej; Larousse, Nicolas; Mertens, Michael; Morselli, Francesca; Priddy, Mike; Ribbe, Paulin; Thiel, Carsten; Wieneke, Lars
Published in: [Other] DARIAH. 2017, Issue 7, 2017

Concept for a Data Deposit Recommendation Service : D 7.2 Design and Sustainability Plan for an Open Humanities Data Platform

Author(s): Buddenbohm, Stefan; de Jong, Maaike; Minel, Jean-Luc; Priddy, Mike; Larousse, Nicolas; Moranville, Yoann
Published in: [Research Report] DARIAH. 2017, pp.38, Issue 8, 2017

Distributed Metadata Schema and Demonstrator for Open Humanities Methods

Author(s): Engelhardt, Claudia; Leone, Claudio; Moranville, Yoann
Published in:, Issue 7, 2017

State of the art report on open access publishing of research data in the humanities

Author(s): Cretin, Nathanael; Dijk, Elly; Le Tellier-Becquart, Nathalie; Gaiffe, Bertrand; Buddenbohm, Stefan; Minel, Jean-Luc; de Jong, Maaike
Published in: [Other] DARIAH. 2016, Issue 1, 2016

DARIAH Report on researchers' service needs

Author(s): Thiel, Carsten; Oltersdorf, Jenny; Matoni, Markus
Published in: [Other] DARIAH. 2016, Issue 2, 2016

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