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Document Logistics


The DOCS project aims to improve the management of documents providing evidence of cases, as used in the legal and insurance businesses, by enabling:

- the retrieval of such documents via innovative conceptual encoding methods supplemented by state-of-the-art full-text search techniques, greatly improving document recall
- storing and printing such documents on a bit-map printer, eliminating all routine copying and filing.

As a secondary objective the project aims to improve the drafting of documents during litigation by developing:

- a hypertext browser to locate similar existing texts
- collaborative drafting of documents that pass from one legal specialist to another.

Apart from the application analysis, the results foreseen are:

- major advances in conceptual retrieval and fast image printing for evidential documents, and precedents retrieval and collaborative authoring for drafted documents
- client-server based system architecture for integrating the above with existing state-of-the-art software (full-text retrieval and OCR)
- a full-scale demonstrator integrating the above on standard platforms with a uniform user interface.


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