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Demonstration of an integrated Renovation approach for Energy Efficiency At the Multi building scale

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - DREEAM (Demonstration of an integrated Renovation approach for Energy Efficiency At the Multi building scale)

Reporting period: 2018-10-01 to 2019-09-30

Buildings are responsible for nearly 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions. Around 80% of the forecasted global building stock for 2050 have already been constructed. A majority of these buildings have very poor energy performance. New practical approaches on how to renovate better are very much needed. DREEAM develops a multi-building approach for nZEB renovation in the residential sector. The project addresses low impact of standard renovations (on average, estimated at 10-40% energy reduction). Following nZEB standard higher reductions are needed. DREEAM develops solutions that enhance the impact of renovations through an innovative planning approach. In addition, DREEAM offers a range of services (renovation planning & design, quality assurance, energy consumption monitoring and tenant engagement) facilitating best possible renovation impacts.
By the end of period 3, the following achievements in DREEAM implementation can be noted:
- Very efficient collaboration among all consortium partners
- Very good work progress, despite unexpected change of 1 pilot site (1892 from Berlin replaced Landskronahem), the termination of OpenDomo that had to be replaced by DEXMA and a new partner joining in period 2, StruSoft to support the DREEAM tool development.
- The renovations at all DREEAM pilot sites have been completed
- Professional dissemination strategy incl. production of video material capturing different aspects of the DREEAM work successfully implemented

From the WP perspective, the following work has been completed:

WP1 (DREEAM approach development):
- DREEAM approach for an optimized renovation planning developed
- Two DREEAM tools supporting the portfolio renovation planning developed: DREEAM optimisation tool (focus on multi-target and multi-building renovation calculations) and DREEAM inventory tool (focus on portfolio data collection and management)

WP2 (renovation designs for DREEAM pilot sites):
- Renovation designs for 3 pilot sites performed according to “business-as-usual” approach and compared against the renovation calculations performed by the DREEAM tool; This step was essential for the development of the DREEAM tool as part of WP1

WP3 (quality assurance during renovation):
- Quality assurance approach for renovations at DREEAM pilot sites developed and implemented at all pilot sites

WP4 (comparison “before” & “after” renovations):
- Strategy for energy consumption comparison before and after DREEAM renovations developed and implemented at all pilot sites
- Monitoring equipment for energy performance data collection installed at all 3 pilot sites and real monitoring data collected for all pilot sites;
- Analysis of energy performance before and after renovations at DREEAM pilot sites completed
- Socio-economic evaluation before and after DREEAM renovations completed
- Tenant interviews before and after renovations completed at all pilot sites

WP5 (DREEAM replication):
- Approach towards DREEAM replication developed and tested with multiple European housing companies and cities
- Exploitation activities for all products and services developed in the course of DREEAM (DREEAM optimization and building inventory tools, tenant engagement services, energy comparison before/after renovation) set up and implemented

WP6 (DREEAM communication):
- DREEAM communication tools developed (website, feature video flyers); multiple video material summarizing different aspects of DREEAM work and the results of renovation by DREEAM pilots developed and disseminated
- DREEAM training strategy for European housing companies developed and multiple international training workshops organized
- Project work presented at multiple external events

WP7 (DREEAM management):
- Project working structures and governance established
- Professional dissemination strategy put in place
- Replacement for two terminated partners (Landskronahem, OpenDomo) implemented smoothly, in order to assure a smooth work continuation
- A lot of effort put on the management of the project exploitation work, in order to facilitate the scale-up of project results beyond the project duration
Progress towards the achievement of the project foreseen impact:

By the end of the project, DREEAM demonstrated the application of multi-building solution packages for single-owned renovation projects (social and public housing from 1960´s, 1970´s) in 3 different climate zones in Italy, Germany and UK.

The solution packages were a combination of energy efficiency and energy generation measures that approached NZE standards (min 60% EDR + 15% REG).

In total 332 dwellings in the three countries were renovated by applying the DREEAM fully-fledged renovation approach that included multi-building renovation design, quality assurance measures, tenant engagement, as well as energy consumption measurement before and after renovation.

What is more, in the course of the project, a number of exploitable results were generated. Most importantly, the “DREEAM building inventory” and “DREEAM optimization” tools were developed in collaboration between Chalmers, Exeleria and StruSoft. The purpose of the first tool is to help building owners collect the necessary data on the state of the buildings before renovation and complement it if necessary, with synthetic data. This data is then fed into the DREEAM optimization tool for the calculation of optimized renovation scenarios for a given selection of buildings. A number of partners within and outside the consortium have demonstrated an interest in the tools and the exploitation work is ongoing.

Lessons learnt from the DREEAM project are highly relevant for other housing companies in Europe. For this reason and in order to maximize the dissemination of results, video documentation from pilot work and other parts of DREEAM have been generated, have been showcased at a number of international events and are available on the DREEAM website for wider audience (
DREEAM muti-building renovation expertise