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Standardised approaches and products for the systemic retrofit of residential Buildings, focusing on HEATing and cooling consumptions attenuation.


Financing of deep retrofit actions, for 3 early adopters

Report on the financing study for the renovation of 3 early-adopter city quarters individuated

Risk Management Plan for Investors (RMPI)

Report on the risk entailed in undertaking renovation actions using the developed technologies

Retrofit protocols

User’s guidelines to optimise indoor comfort and healthiness, while keeping low energy consumptions

Report on systemic retrofit packages, including performance, comfort and healthiness, and costs

Report on systemic retrofit packages adopting the Technologies developed within the project. Draft M24

Plans for the renovation of the demo cases

Report on the design of the demo buildings finalised

LCA-LCC study for technical results and demo cases

Draft M24: content on technical results

Energy audits of the three demo cases

Report on the energy audits of the three demo cases

Report on construction sector

Report on construction Sector framework, including legislative and financial statements

Publishable report on active façade kit

Report on active façade kit delivered after test and installation at the demo sites, amended to by suitable for publication

Suitable centralised H&C layouts at building and district level, including monitoring, control strategy and energy performance

Drafts M18, 36

Report on human factor management

Report exploring the factors influencing the behaviour of the different stakeholders, including consumers, policy makers, industrial strategists, regulators, technology developers, investors, etc. Draft M18, 36

Publishable report on HP + PV system performance

Publishable report on HP + PV system performance with amended information suitable for publication and avoiding breach of IPR

Publishable report on financing models for deep retrofit actions, including the analysis of the three demo cases

Report on the financing models suitable for undertaking innovation actions that use the developed Technologies. amended documente, suitable for publication

Educational Kit

Educational slides prepared for high-educational training and for manufacturers

BuildHeat booklet

Long brochure informing on technologies and demo buildings renovated. Draft M27

Newsletter publication

Five releases: M6, 18, 30, 42, M48

Video News Release

Second video, addressing technologies developed and demo buildings renovated

Project Flyers

First informative flyer M9, second project flyer at M53


Website online M3, maintenance all along the project lifetime

Publications in technical literature and journals

Pubblications in sectorial journals

Project institutional video

Project video addressing the project focus and technologies developed

Workshops for experts and webinars

M18, 24, 36

Training for experts by technology partners

Training sessions delivered by project partners to installers and customers: M14, 26, 38, 48

Mid-term and final workshops

Mid-term M30


Evaluación de la sostenibilidad en la rehabilitación energética de vivienda social en países mediterráneos = Evaluation of sustainability in the energy rehabilitation of social housing in Mediterranean countries

Author(s): B Gimeno, J. Aranda, D. Zambrana, A. Conserva, P. López, F. Albiac
Published in: Anales de Edificación, Issue 4/2, 2018, Page(s) 82, ISSN 2444-1309
Publisher: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
DOI: 10.20868/ade.2018.3783

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