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Twin-model based virtual manufacturing for machine tool-process simulation and control


Twin-Control demonstration in Pilot lines

Twin-Control will be implemented and running in three pilot lines: • ETA-Factory (Darmstadt, Germany) • AMRC Factory 2050 (Aerospace) (Sheffield, UK) • Centro de Fabricación Avanzada de Aeronáutica Occurring implementation problems and especially the developed solutions to solve them will be described. The potentials of the TWIN-CONTROL solutions will be highlighted.

Twin-Control website

A project website will be created with a twofold purpose: (i) to advertise the project and the participation of each partner on it; (ii) to organize the work between WPs/partners in a private section of the website where files/documents of interest for the partners will be stored. At a later stage the website will be used to publicize the main results of the project.

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Modeling of machining operations based on the Virtual Machine Tool concept

Author(s): Frédéric Cugnon, Luke Berglind, Denys Plakhotnik, Mikel Armendia, Erdem Ozturk
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Twin-Control: A New Concept Towards Machine Tool Health Management

Author(s): Mikel Armendia, Flavien Peysson, Dirk Euhus
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Discrete Cutting Force Model for 5-Axis Milling with Arbitrary Engagement and Feed Direction

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New approach for bearing life cycle control

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An automated procedure for workpiece quality monitoring based on machine drive-based signals in machine tools

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Twin-Control: A Digital Twin Approach to Improve Machine Tools Lifecycle

Author(s): Mikel Armendia, Mani Ghassempouri, Erdem Ozturk, Flavien Peysson
Published in: Twin-Control, 2018