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Integration between rail and access-to-rail-station Modes


A rail journey is rarely an end in itself; it is almost always part of a journey `chain' that includes a journey to, and later from, the railway station by different modes of transport. The integration of the rail-journey components is essential to achieve a continuous travel, door-to-door, when using the rail (and to make the rail an attractive alternative to car). Integration depends on the extent to which the interchange between the components of the 'chain' is seamless. The EU's actions to revitalise th e railways, the backbone in the EU's transport policy (alongside integration of the different networks of transport modes), focus on restructuring the industry and developing the European HST network (at a cost of billions of Euro). This proposal fills a g ap in the EU actions to revitalise rail transport in Europe by looking beyond the rail component of a rail journey and focusing on facilitating the interchange between different access modes at railway stations.The main objectives of the research are:
1) t o analyse the integration between bus and rail services, mainly by developing indicators to measure the quality of interchange between the modes;
2) to analyse the provision of parking facilities at railway stations in the context of car access to railway stations, and how these can encourage rail use;
3) to analyse car, bus, and soft modes access to railway stations, considering also the opportunity costs of providing interchange facilities (e.g. car parks) at railway stations.
The opportunity costs arise mainly from the possible commercial use of land around railway stations (e.g. for office blocks) which is an important source of revenue for the rail industry. The central question this research will address is: How rail use can be increased through facilitating the interchange between different transport modes at railway stations, while resolving conflicting land use claims.

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