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Sofi Filter – Novel Method for Power Plant Water Treatment

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SOFI-PP (Sofi Filter – Novel Method for Power Plant Water Treatment)

Reporting period: 2015-07-01 to 2015-12-31

Sofi Filtration is looking to expand to new market segments, and therefore the SOFI-PP project looked into the feasibility of covering new market segment of power plant flue gas condensate filtration and market entry to Germany and Sweden. With Sofi-PP a feasibility study was conducted verifying the technological/practical as well as economic viability of Sofi Filtration’s capabilities to expand to new market segment of power plant water filtration.
Successful case studies in flue gas treatment and district heating/cooling networks identifying the following benefits:
o Cost savings on fresh water and waste water
o Energy saving as the heat energy transfer through heat exchanges is improved by preventing fouling
o No manual filter changes due to fully automatic self-cleaning
o No chemicals needed
o High capacity in a compact size

New contracts achieved
o Partnership contract with Global LE
o Direct sales to Fortum, Finland
o Negotiations started with Energy company in Sweden

Results of the regulatory analysis, stakeholder analysis
o Identification of potential new market segment of district heating/cooling
o Proved cost savings in flue gas filtration system setup and operation
o Identification of key stakeholders, such as condenser manufacturers, water treatment companies, and potential partners and clients.
- Market studies conducted show that already in European power plant markets potential for significant growth exists. Market size for Sofi Filter is over €250M in Europe alone.
- Regulatory field in broad lines are quite similar in every country for waste water management. A governmental license needs to be claimed. This document is based on laws, guidelines, process design and applicant’s proposals and determines where the condensate can be discharged. (e.g. nature or sewer). Also the needed level of control and monitoring and the quality of the effluent is stated in this document. Sofi Filtration can help in reaching all the identified requirements cheaper and easier than competing methods.