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Computer Aided Multispectral Ulstrasound Diagnostic Device

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - UltraEASY (Computer Aided Multispectral Ulstrasound Diagnostic Device)

Reporting period: 2015-07-01 to 2015-10-31

"The action context of the feasibility study is the clinical validation of SoNovum AG’s UltraEASY™ II Brain Vitals Monitoring and Diagnostic System for examination of neuropathologies in acute events and at-risk patient groups as well as for preventive patient screening. The brain monitoring system uses the novel diagnostic method acousto-cerebro-graphy (ACG), supported by ""CAMUD"" Computer Aid Multispectral Ultrasound Diagnosis.

The objectives of this project are the examination of the market acceptance of UltraEASY II System (in its todays appirience), the risk evaluation for the final realization of the ACG technology in the MedTech sector and, lastly, the development of final innovation strategies for Phase 2. With the results, the overall strategy of the development project will be adjusted. The current 2015 Business Plan will be validated and optimized in both aspects, System Design and usability as well as marketing strategy accordingly."
In detail, the study of market acceptance has clarified the need for new/alternative diagnostic methods (preventive and acute diagnostics), the technical/economic requirements, the acceptance of diagnostic methods without specialized physicians to cover follow-up costs and the willingness to cover the costs (full/partial) of preventive diagnostics for risk patients. The examination was conducted in Spain, Italy, France, UK, Poland and Germany, addressing clinics (with and without stroke units) and physicians as well as involving patients, patient organizations and health insurance carriers.

It was followed by the risk evaluation of final realization of the ACG technology in the MedTech sector and the development of final innovation strategies for further development in Phase 2.

The main result achieved so far is a study, validating a high demand and high acceptance of the ACG technology introduction for physicians, ambulances, rescue helicopters and rehabilitation facilities. There is also a demand and acceptance in clinics, where it can be used adjuvant to the current MRI/CT gold standard.
The final result of the project will be the market readiness of the UltraEASY II diagnostic device. Though applicable in the diagnosis of neuropathologies in general, the main application field of UltraEASY will be preventive screening of the patient with emphasising risk group patient e.g. AF Patient the and quick diagnoses of strokes, when CT/MRI devices take too much time or are not within reach. Every 40 seconds, someone in Europe suffers from a stroke. The resulting economic damage in Europe amounts to 36 billion EUR per year. In addition to that the direct and indirect costs of medical therapy are estimated to be 10 billion EUR per year. In total the EU predicts 108 billion EUR costs over the next 20 years for stroke therapy.
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Effectiveness of current methods in early stroke diagnosis
Need of new methods in early stroke diagnosis