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Rapid, cost-effective, multiplex point of care diagnostic immunoassay system


Our overall project is to develop and prepare to commercialise a rapid, cost-effective platform for near-patient diagnosis using multiplex immunoassays.
Development of a cost-effective system for diagnosis by multiplex biomarker analysis at the point-of-care is essential to enable the delivery of modern, stream-lined healthcare systems in the EU and globally that rapidly and accurately assesses patient needs at the earliest opportunity.
Immunoassays are a mainstay of clinical diagnoses. ELISA tests provide sensitive, accurate and quantitative diagnostic data for a large number of disease biomarkers. The technology has not changed for decades and requires central laboratory facilities. Each test measures only one biomarker and takes up to 2 hours to perform.
NALIA Systems’ technology provides multiplexed ELISA tests in which panels of 10-15 biomarkers can be tested in parallel, whilst retaining the sensitivity, accuracy and quantification benefits of standard ELISA tests. The first NALIA Arrays are now being made available for use in laboratories.
Standard ELISA technology cannot be adapted for use at point-of-care due to the time to result and the complex liquid handling needed. In contrast, the inherent characteristics of NALIA’s array technology mean that it can be incorporated into disposable cartridges and dramatically reduce the time to result.
This project will develop a bench-top device and disposable cartridge system for biomarker arrays for diagnosis at the point of care. Initial arrays will be for autoimmune disorders, allergy and infectious diseases, followed by oncology and other diseases.
In Phase 1 we intend to confirm the feasibility of achieving a result in <20min; to prepare a product development plan that will lead to a manufacturable device and series of cartridges; to complete a business plan covering all aspects of the commercial opportunity, pricing, market size, competition and route to market; and submit an application for Phase 2 funding.

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