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Intelligent Low-Cost Real-Time Nanomagnetooptical Integrity Monitoring and Sensing System for Asset Integrity Management

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - NANO (Intelligent Low-Cost Real-Time Nanomagnetooptical Integrity Monitoring and Sensing System for Asset Integrity Management)

Reporting period: 2015-09-01 to 2016-02-29

EQS aims to deliver a low-cost highly sensitive real-time remote monitoring tool for intelligent structural integrity monitoring, for the Oil, Gas and Energy markets. This new disruptive market solution, based on nanotechnology, will increase the resilience of critical energy installations and networks, allowing the reduction of human losses, avoiding energy production disruption, minimizing environmental and economic impact and material damage from natural and man-made disasters.
Proximally 60% of the incidents in the EU’s hazardous industries are due to integrity failures and in 50% of these cases, ageing is a significant factor. Structural integrity real-time monitoring can provide far greater integrity knowledge then traditional inspection methods, critically increasing safety with significant maintenance cost reduction through the early detection of problems.
The NANO concept is to provide a cost-efficient real-time monitoring solution, capable of performing asset volumetric evaluation, significantly increasing the resilience, life span and safety of the client’s critical installations and networks. This tool will enable the screening of degradation in large pipelines, process equipment, industrial plants, terminals and offshore structures, providing means to perform evaluation of areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Furthermore, it will be possible to obtain real-time detailed qualitative and quantitative information and 3D visualization of the asset’s integrity. The solution combines nanotechnology with magnetostrictive generated guided waves and high sensitivity sensing Fiber Bragg Gratting. Through an advanced material fabrication process, EQS creates the first low cost monitoring solution with a higher sensitivity level than any other inspection tools.
This solution is complemented by EQS asset management engineering experts and an intelligent analysis software interacting with an online platform where the client can manage the asset’s integrity.
EQS intends to evaluate all feasibility aspects in terms of operations, technical, legal/standards, costs and schedule. The Business Plan will cDuring Phase 1 EQS evaluated all feasibility aspects in terms of operations, technical, legal/standards, costs and schedule, as well as business aspects. In this regard, the present document comprises four parts: Technical Feasibility, Market Feasibility, Implementation Plan and Resource Analysis. The following topics were addressed: Technical assessment: The focus was on the commercial design of the acquisition box and full sensor prototypes, high temperature sensor design solution, intelligent software development and equipment certifications. The opportunity: Market; Competitors; Profitability; Protection and sustainability. The proposal: Business concept; Business model; Competitive advantage; Sales, marketing and communication plan. The implementation plan: Milestones; Management team; Investment, results and financing; Risks and contingence plans.
EQS engineering technology analysis confirmed the possibility of the combined use of FBG and Magnetostrictive patches for development of a Low Cost High Sensitive Guided Wave solution. FBG sensor technology proved to be highly sensitive to torsional Guided Wave generated by magnetostrictive patches. The critical points of this symbiotic technology were identified: Good surface coupling of FBG and magnetostrictive to piping; Pre-tension FBG; signal filtering and amplification; well defined magnetic fields applied to the magnetostrictive patch. The final full system idealized by EQS engineering team is composed of 5 operational parts: Wave Emitter/ Pulse Emitter / Wave Receptor / Acquisition Box / Platform Software.
Key market applications of NANO include Oil, Gas and Chemicals Industries, more specifically on-shore pipelines, plant equipment and off-shore infrastructures, and Power Generation Industries, especially regarding plant equipment. a detailed research was performed using EQS client’s information and regulators publications, to quantify the actual costs with traditional and advanced technologies, software and services. A conservative market dimension calculation was performed considering the impact of NANO in the actual costs and taking in consideration that NANO, during the first stage, will not replace every tasks. These assumptions were estimated for the next five year and are expected to grow significantly in the near future. The total market for NANO is 14B€ and the available market is 2B€. NANO business model is customer-centric instead of product-dominant, it integrates value-added services at every stage of the customer’s Asset Management value chain, to support them better achieve their business goals. NANO focus on the outcomes of their products (hardware and software) and engineering services to create a whole new disruptive innovative system of value that helps establishing long-term relationships and lock out the competition.
NANO Monitoring tool will enable the screening of degradation in large pipeline areas, industrial plant equipment, terminals and offshore structures, providing means to perform evaluation of areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Applying quantitative monitoring tools increases the assets’ safety to higher levels. NANO’s screening tools can detect corrosion/erosion, cracking, leakage and mechanical damage. NANO’s Sensing tools can detect fatigue problems and monitor strain, vibrations, temperature, and pressure, among others. Furthermore, it will be possible to obtain 3D visualization of the assets’ integrity, which is made available to the client in the web. Real-time integrity evaluation will allow defect detection at an early stage, enabling better preparation of maintenance plans and control measures, based on the true knowledge of assets condition. Defect growth monitoring, together with engineering solutions will enable the assets’ life extension and maximization. The Risk Management software will ensure a full control of the risk level and a completely auditable system for the insurance companies. NANO will contribute to prevent accidents in hazardous industries, reduce loss of human lives in consequence of assets’ lack of integrity, increase the environment’s protection and fight terrorist sabotage.

Scalability - The solution uses Fibre Optics to collect sensors data. Several sensors can easily be added on the same fibre, to measure different units, without significant added costs.
3D Web Visualization - With 3D Integrity Visualization, it is possible to see integrity status using a mobile device and compare data obtained from different technologies.
Risk Management - Unique methodology to establish the Risk Level and managing it online, using qualitative risk matrix and quantitative information provided from monitoring technologies.
Low Cost - NANO solution was developed in a low cost fabrication process, offering an extremely affordable competitive solution to the clients.
Engineering Analysis - NANO performs automatic calculations according to relevant all international standards and generally accepted good engineering practices. Asset Management - Full compliance with ISO 55000. Visualize and manage asset information. Manage asset integrity, performance and risk level.
Flexibility - NANO sensors can easily be customized and adapted to diverse scenarios. The software is also adaptable, performing specific analyses for different challenges.
Installation - Using Fiber Optics sensors it can be implemented at very distant positions, being intrinsically safe for explosive atmospheres and immune to electromagnetic interferences.

MOT Technology - New technology to perform guided wave inspection - the Magnetootical Transducer (MOT).
Volumetric Asset Assessment and Defect Characterization - Through Guided Waves technique using FBG sensors NANO is capable of performing assessment of 100% of a structure with detailed defect characterization.
On-Line Real-Time Monitoring Capabilities - NANO solution provides the constant oversight of asset through internet access. All events related with asset safety, integrity and performance can be followed through the 3D model.
Sensibility - With the incorporation of highly sensitive FBG technology (in the order of 1 pm/microstrain) as wave receptors, the technique sensitivity is further enhanced, showing higher sensitivity then all other GW solutions.
Temperature Range - The high Curie temperature of the strip allows NANO to monitor a pipe with a surface temperature of over 500°C. Integration of Other Sensing Technologies and NDT - The system can easily expand to couple with FBG technology, such as Temperature, Strain, Acceleration and Displacement. Integration with all Non-Destructive Testing Methods is available.
Full System Operation Resume