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New Generation ADAS for Enhanced Driving Experience

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - e-Awake (New Generation ADAS for Enhanced Driving Experience)

Reporting period: 2015-07-01 to 2015-12-31

E-Awake project seeks to bring to the ADAS market an innovative product that uniquely addresses one of its main challenges: the reliable and intelligent management of massive amounts of information coming from a large set of close to production exteroceptive sensors. The overall goal of the project is to integrate, test, standardize and industrialize a high performance embedded system that will allow vehicle integrators to easily design and tailor their solutions to the challenging new trends and demands in ADAS and autonomous driving markets.

The project will rely on in-house developed algorithms for ADAS and HW/SW co-design methods under a new paradigm, where instead of several dedicated chips, a single device supports a component-based service-oriented architecture with optimal hardware and software partitioning for functional acceleration. This approach, also based on a sensor-agnostic probabilistic framework, will permit to provide flexible and scalable solutions fully aligned with the on-going deployment of components for autonomous driving systems (ranging from level 2 to level 4 NHTSA)
The work performed during this Phase I focuses on 3 main aspects: (i) an updated and more in-depth market study, (ii) an IPR analysis to assess both the freedom to operate and the strategy to protect the innovations behind e-Awake and (iii) a technical assessment of the implications to make the existing prototypes compliant with AUTOSAR specifications and functional safety (ISO 26262) standards.

The outcomes of this Phase I project have permitted to minimize, to the greatest extent possible, the uncertainties of the proposed business model, and start planning a realistic operations plan for the upcoming 5 years, together with commercialization, marketing, maintenance & support activities. These results are further confirmation of the opportunity detected by IXION, which will commit a very relevant part of its resources to the final implementation of the project, through a Phase II of SME Instrument.
Trough e-Awake project, IXION will develop and industrialize HW/SW technology for new generation ADAS and highly automated vehicles, where it aims to be a relevant actor in the market as 2nd tier in the upcoming years.

The outcomes of the project should lead to a Smarter Transport System through the introduction of innovative embedded systems that will make significant progress in ADAS and Highly Automated Driving systems. As a result of this, e-Awake will contribute to boost the competitiveness of the EU ADAS industry and achieve a transport system that is friendly, more efficient and safe for the benefit of all citizens and the economy.