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Clean Air - Reduce Vehicle Emissions

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - CARVE (Clean Air - Reduce Vehicle Emissions)

Reporting period: 2016-09-01 to 2017-11-30

Air pollution is a huge problem causing millions of deaths each year and one of the main contributors is NOx emission from diesel vehicles. To counter this EU Euro Standards were introduced in 1990, designed to limit the harmful emissions. Increasingly strict legislation has been imposed, but existing technologies have not yet been able to fully meet the set NOx emission limits under all real-world driving conditions, and as a consequence there are still numerous cities globally exceeding the NO2 limit on street level.

Amminex’ ASDS technology (Ammonia Storage and Delivery System) offers a beyond state-of-the-art solution for reducing NOx emissions under real-world driving conditions, thus enabling diesel vehicles to meet Euro Standards and future tightened standards, while at the same time securing a significant reduction in the fuel consumption. Even though competing solutions are able to meet current Euro Standards in lab tests, they are not able to reduce NOx emissions from exhaust efficiently under real-world driving conditions, which is why the air pollution problem remains a challenge. The unique ASDS solution has the ability to meet Euro Standards in both lab-testing and in real-world driving tests, and consequently make a real contribution to improving air pollution.

The project:
Amminex has already developed a retrofit system with the ASDS technology, which has been demonstrated on city busses with excellent results. Based on this retrofit product, the objective for this project is to develop and optimize the technology from a retrofit to a first-fit solution for the two segments: passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (vans).

The customers:
The two most relevant market segments for the further development of the ASDS technology are diesel passenger cars/SUVs and diesel vans/pick-up trucks worldwide, for which this project sets out to develop and demonstrate a first-fit prototype ASDS system. With the typical driving pattern of these vehicles, these two segments will benefit highly from the ASDS technology. The ultimate goal is to show the optimal combination of low NOX and low CO2.
So far Amminex has been working identifying the requirements related to ASDS for the van and car segments and used these to specify and dimension components each application. The first prototype systems for the van segment are already being verified against EuroVI legislation and proving the performance requirements and providing feedback to the continued developments activities in the project.
Reduction of fuel consumption is one of the main economic benefits for users of the ASDS
technology. Targets of 2-5% are set out in the project and the first test campaign shows initial results in the range of 2%. Furthermore, the confirmation of Euro VI compliance - with comfortable margin - on LCV engine bench tests emphasizes the potential impact of the technology on efficient NOx reduction from passenger cars and vans.