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3D Sound Navigator Assistant for Visually Impaired People


Ensuring that a visual impaired people can walk safely along a given path in a hazardous environment is a dedicated and slow task demanding continuous assistance from other people. Many technical developments and research have already implemented autonomous mobility solutions for visual impaired people. However, a solution providing virtual lead-line including track perception and safety guidance is not available in the market.

NAV4VIP is the first device that integrates Galileo-based navigation and 3D acoustic reality to improve autonomy and safety of visual impairment people. It implements a new and innovative eyes/hands/mind-free 3D Sound Navigator Assistant providing a personal guidance system that allows autonomous and safety movement along predefined paths. The instrument provides route perception based on the combination and deep integration of accurate GNSS positioning, including high-precession Galileo signals, and 3D Augmented Acoustic Reality based on binaural technology sounds audio.

The state of the solution and technology developed is classified as TRL-7. Prototype demonstration in operational environment has been successfully accomplished with two previous research projects (ARGUS in FP7-EC and ACOUSTIC TRAIL in MINETUR-Spain). NAV4VIP concept has been awarded with the GSA Special Topic Prize in the 2012 European Satellite Navigation Competition Galileo Masters. Patent process has already started

The SME instrument project will decisively impact on the company growth and evolution enabling the international commercialisation of NAV4VIP. With a market of 1.9% of the global population, the company expects to double turnover during the first year of commercialisation, keeping linear growing during next years. The SME instrument Phase 1 will produce a consolidated business plan, enabling a Phase 2 to support the required investment and to increase company staff up to 15 employees. Estimated ROI is greater than 25% during the product life.

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