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Nanotechnology Mutual Learning Action Plan For Transparent And Responsible Understanding Of Science And Technology


Annual Communication Report 2

Annual report for year 2, comprising a review of activities undertaken in WP1 and which will serve as the basis for updating the Communication Plan.

Current RRI in Nano Landscape Report

Report on the current situation regarding RRI and societal engagement in nanotechnology and their policy context.

Responsible Innovation Agenda at European level

Strategic document that will result from the European multi-stakeholder dialogue and which will serve as input to WP4.

Final Communication Report

Final report of the engagement and communication activities undertaken by partners during NANNO2TRUST implementation.

Future nano-RRI application and techno-moral -scenarios

Document which portrays the range of drivers affecting research and innovation with nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

"Nanofutures Working Group ""WG for societal engagement"""

Working Group (WG) to be incorporated to the NfA WG structures, constituting a cluster of interested stakeholders that will have tools available for networking, announcement and discussion within NfA’s web-platform.

Training Report

Report summarizing the design, implementation and results of the training sessions undertaken in WP2.

Data protection and ethics review

Review of the projects approach to ethics and data protection.

Best Practices Database

Report including all best practices identified throughout the duration of the project via the desk research as well as participants feedback during the Dialogues (WP3).

Responsible Innovation Agendas at national level

Strategic document which will serve as input for WP4, feed directly into policy-making at national level, and be uploaded on the platform and deliberated further online.

Communication Plan

Living”, flexible and continually updated document used to strategically manage two-way communication with stakeholders (dissemination and feedback) setting intermediate and long-term goals and objectives of the communication actions, as well as their expected impact.

Sustainability and exit strategy report

Document to encourage partners to further utilise the projects’ tangible and intangible outcomes and the use of knowledge produced, as well as to expand the projects’ impact after its completion.

Expert and Stakeholders Validation Symposium Report

Event to validate the draft version of the Roadmap, comprising experts and European policy arena stakeholders, in which stakeholders will be invited to participate and “play” the JRC SES game.

Online Training Needs Survey report

Report to include questionnaires, analysis, results.

Report on the public understanding, attitudes and fears of nanotechnology research for the Nano2Trust Ethics Board

Review of the projects approach to ethics and data protection to be provided to the Ethics Committee of Nano2Trust.

Multi-stakeholder dialogue methodology

Guidelines for the construction of application and techno-moral scenarios, inclusion and representation of citizens and stakeholders in the dialogues of each level, formats and guidelines for facilitation for the dialogue sessions to warrant deliberative quality.

NGO Open Call

Selection procedure that will enable to involve more NGOs on the training and on the foreseen in WP2 and WP3.

Data protection and ethical protocol

Document comprising the data protection and ethics protocol the consortium agreed upon and will be committed to follow during the project implementation.

Online Self-Assessment Tool

Self-review procedure to comprehend the knowledge “gaps” with respect to other stakeholders’ position and “knowledge shortages” in nano, RRI, societal engagement, etc.

Annual Communication Report 3

Annual report for year 3, comprising a review of activities undertaken in WP1 and which will serve as the basis for updating the Communication Plan.

"E-MRS Working Group ""Outreach Societal Promotion"""

This WG aims to promote workshops with policymakers and stakeholders in Europe concerning the objectives, deliverables and milestones of Nano2Trust’s Roadmap, via, for example, the E-MRS Student University Group and the E-MRS UNESCO Chair in Materials Science and Engineering.

Nano2Trust Roadmap

Document co-developed with stakeholders, comprising a Vision, Guidelines for Implementation and suggested Timeline, building upon the work performed in previous WP.

Annual Communication Reports

Annual report for year 1, comprising a review of activities undertaken in WP1 and which will serve as the basis for updating the Communication Plan.

Data management plan

Document comprising information relating to the types of data the project will generate/collect, standards it will use, how data can be exploited and verified, whether there is any data that cannot be reused, including a justification for this and lastly, how the data will be curated and preserved.

Nano2Trust Platform

online communication infrastructure to act as the focal point point for facilitating and coordinating dialogue among a growing community of stakeholders interested in improving transparency and societal engagement in nanotechnology.

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