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Novel nanoparticle enhanced Digital Materials for 3D Printing and their application shown for the robotic and electronic industry


Preliminary project dissemination material

Project Webpage Project communication materials like project flyer, poster, roll-up and ppt presentation Press release at project start

Safe by design approach implemented and assed

Implemented risk management tools based on D9.1 will be described and evaluated. The impact of the safety measures taken on the impact and interaction of nanomaterials will be assessed.

Final demonstrators obtained by 3D printing

Final demonstrators are obtained by 3D printing with novel PolyJet printer. Description of final process optimisation. Description of thermal data of printing tests and evaluation of inline control system.

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Novel Conductive Inks for 3D printing - Preliminary Studies on Silver Ink Development and Curing Strategies

Author(s): A. Kabla, L. Schranzhofer, A. El Razek, F. de la Vega
Published in: CENICS 2016, 2016

"""Novel Nanoparticle Enhanced Digital Materials for 3D Printing and their Application Shown for the Robotic and Electronic Industry Introduction on the DIMAP project "" "

Author(s): S. Scholz, A. Brunet, T. Müller and A. Fuchsbauer
Published in: CENICS 2016, 2016

Requirements for 3D Printed Applications using Novel Nanoparticle Enhanced Digital Materials 3D printed robotic and electronic applications

Author(s): A. Brunet, T. Müller, A. Fuchsbauer and S. Scholz
Published in: CENICS 2016, 2016

Nano inks for additive manufacturing – a safe-by-design-approach

Author(s): K. Nau, T. Müller, D.J.B.S. Sampaio and S. G. Scholz
Published in: ACHI 2017, 2017