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Business Aviation Laminar Nacelle


Development of nacelle concepts to allow increased laminar airflow over a business jet nacelle. The technologies developed through this project will achieve 1% drag at aircraft level, through extension of the laminar surface to 30-40% of the nacelle length.
BALANCE will investigate means of reducing the number of aerodynamic disturbances present in the forward portion of the nacelle, including reviewing interface locations, methods of attaching parts, and impacts on engine integration to ensure the resulting solutions not only provide the drag targets set, but do not adversely impact the Production and Operating costs of the nacelle.
Using knowledge of nacelle and engine integration, this project will provide a digital demonstrator supported by analysis and test results to achieve TRL5 level laminar nacelle suitable for business jet applications.


Net EU contribution
€ 749 945,00
Route Du Pont Viii
76700 Gonfreville L Orcher

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Normandie Haute-Normandie Seine-Maritime
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 321 405,00