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Mobile Assistance for Groups Individuals within the Community - STROKE REHABILITATION


Standard reporting templates for providers

This report will consist of the development of standardised reporting templates for the solution providers.

Final Report

This report will be the final project report and will detail progress and outcomes covering the whole project

Technical Validation Framework

This deliverable will be a technical validation framework incorporating a ‘Living Lab’ methodological approach and building on the outcomes from WP 6 Evaluation of Impact and Recommendations as well as the output from WP 3 Task 3.3 - Stroke PCP call documentation.

Project plan

A project plan detailing activities and timelines for the entire project lifecycle.

Signed, formal commitment from each member of the Buyers group to finance the PCP

The deliverable will be signed, formal commitments from each member of the Buyers' group to finance the PCP.

Dissemination activities summary

This deliverable will provide a summary of dissemination activities and outcomes during the course of the project

Progress Report - interim review 1

This report provides a summary of progress for Phase 1.

Dissemination plan

The dissemination plan will be aligned with the various project milestones in order to assure an effective process for the communication activities. It will include: • Identification of the main messages the project would like to communicate at different stages in the project lifecycle • A communications plan detailing the tools and channels to be used to communicate with each stakeholder. Tools and channels will include a project website, social media, e-newsletters, projects events and promotional material. • A timetable for communication and dissemination activities. The plan will be updated over the lifetime of the project in line with the development of each PCP phase.

Report on the outcome of the preparation phase and the impact on the post-stroke PCP call

This report will detail the outcome of the preparation phase(Phase 0) and the impact of findings on the post-stroke PCP call.

Progress Report - interim review 2

This report will provide a summary of progress for Phase 2.

Periodic Report and Financial Statement - period 2

This report will provide a summary of progress for period 2 along with a financial statement

End of Phase Zero report to seek permission from EU Commission to proceed to PCP Phase One

The report will summarise findings from Phase Zero report and will seek permission from the European Commission to proceed to PCP Phase One.

Phase 0 Finalise Scope and Call tender documents for the PCP agreed with the Commission

This report will include the finalised scope and call tender documents for the PCP that have been agreed with the Commission. This will include: contract notice, competition brief, guidance notes, application forms and marking criteria for all phases of the competition, augmented with outcomes from WP2 (Phase Zero). This will describe a pan-European standard for such technology development and will reflect the discoveries made in Phase Zero WP2 activity, namely addressing technical, Practitioner and Service User requirements along with narrative to welcome development of technologies that extend the state of the art technology.

Business models report

This deliverable will include investigation of of at least three major Business scenarios1User centric Business Scenario2Service provider centric Business Scenario3Data exploitation Business Scenario

Proposed TCO Models Report

This deliverable will include models of total cost of ownership and economic impact that will demonstrate the economic impact in terms of: (i) health care cost reduction (ii) institutionalisation cost reduction (iii) social security cost benefits. The cost effectiveness of the interventions will be examined in terms of health gains, expressed in for example quality-adjusted life years (QALY) and visualised in terms of effectiveness and expense.

Periodic Report and Financial Statement – period 1

This report will detail progress during the first period, along with a financial statement.

Dissemination Plan 3

This deliverable will provide an update to the dissemination plan.

Dissemination Plan 2

This deliverable will be an updated version of the Dissemination Plan, delivered in month 3.

Dissemination Plan 4

This deliverable will provide an update to the Dissemination Plan

Proposed TCO Models Report update

Update to D61 provided in month 24

Approach to Commercialisation Report

This deliverable will describe the approach to commercialisation for the solutions

Creation of a data management plan

The data management plan will be created to enable MAGIC to participate in the Open Research Data Pilot. This aims to maximise access to and reuse of research data generated by the project.

Branding Platform

The branding platform, or project image, will set the foundation for the associations that stakeholders will make with our project.

Project Website and a collaborative platform

1) A project website will be established which will act as the primary communication tool for dissemination of project information and which will over the course of the project: • Share details of project activities and outcomes • Act as a repository for external facing project information, reports and deliverables • Provide details of the project consortium and funding mechanism (Horizon 2020) • Include a mechanism for contacting the project team and signing up to the project e-newsletter • Enable Google-analytics to maintain a view on site visits and the spread of visitors • Include a handbook to share experience of PCP methodology 2) A collaborative platform will also be put in place that would enable collaboration among partners in order to share relevant information.

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