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Platform for wildlife monitoring integrating Copernicus and ARGOS data


EO4wildlife Platform v2

Second release of the actual EO4wildlife Platform.

EO4wildlife Platform v1

First release of the actual EO4wildlife Platform.

EO4wildlife Platform v3

Final release of the actual EO4wildlife Platform.

Project webpage

Project webpage including regular updates as the project develops.

Overall Evaluation report

Overall Evaluation report with the input from External Advisory Board.

System architecture and operational scenarios v1

The system architecture deliverable is used to define components and their interaction. It is based on the technical know-how that will form the technical basis in addition to the inputs from WP1 that will guide the functional aspects of the architecture. It also includes the operational scenarios, that describes how the system’s components interact together, the data flow within the system. It will translate all the requirements and functions formulated by the users into actual dynamic system description; and the Front-end design of the front-end prototype. It will show how the screen and graphical interfaces will be presented to the user. Multiple versions of these interfaces will be proposed for interaction and validation with the use case leaders and potential end users using an online interface sharing, commenting and annotation capabilities.

Validation & Evaluation Plan v1

Validation and Evaluation Plan and Report (v1).

Dissemination and communication report and materials v1

Comprehensive strategy and plan to facilitate the dissemination and communication activities aiming to raise awareness about EO4wildlife towards target groups, followed by summary reports on the concrete activities performed during the project. It includes the various dissemination materials compilation: Flyer, 6-monthly newsletters, fact sheets, rollups.

Validation & Evaluation Plan v2

Validation and Evaluation Plan and Report (v2).

System Integration and Validation Test Plan

This document describes the tests that will have to be run to make sure that the system is properly integrated, including the integration with the toolboxes developed in WP3.

Use Case scenarios v2

Harmonized report on the Use Case scenarios (v2).

Data Management Plan v2

Update at month 18.

Validation Test report v2

Validation Test reports (release 2).

Development environment design

This document describes the programming capabilities, the datasets, the processing tools and the user workspace.

External interface for data discovery and processing

This document describes the mechanism and the protocol used to exchange data between EO4wildlife platform and other external platforms. This document will be particularly useful for the interaction between the EO4wildlife Platform and the CLS ARGOS Platform which will enable the user to manipulate both Sentinel and ARGOS data through the EO4wildlife Platform. This document describes also the orchestration mechanism between several web processing providers. It will customize the definition of the Web Processing Services standard for the context of EO4wildlife.

Validation Test report v1

Validation Test reports (release 1).

Report on networking and community building v1

Summary report on networking and community building activities performed during the project.

Data Management Plan v3

Revision at the end of the project.

Implementation scenarios v1

This document gives all the indications to implement the scenarios (v1).

Use Case scenarios v1

Harmonized report on the Use Case scenarios (v1).

Implementation scenarios v2

This document gives all the indications to implement the scenarios (v2).

Data Management Plan v1

The DMP is not a fixed document, but evolves during the lifespan of the project. The first version of the DMP is expected to be delivered within the first 6 months of the project and will be in compliance with the template provided by the Commission. More elaborated versions will delivered at later stages of the project, to fine-tune it to the data generated and the uses identified by the consortium since not all data or potential uses are clear from the start.

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