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Satellite Technology for Advanced Railway Signalling


Implementation Plan

Three major outputs: 1) The projection of the CBA results (public point of view) at the European level. 2) A focus on the impacts for the solution providers (signalling industry) will also be carried out, on a shorter time horizon and the global level, in order to investigate the commercial outlook of the solution. 3) The definition of a possible implementation plan by identifying the major milestones and investments/opex relevant to the EGNSS services for ERTMS/ETCS. With the aim to outline strategic guidelines for the implementation of the system, the main positive and negative factors will be defined. Addressing threats such as the current delay in the implementation of the ERTMS program at the European level (e.g. by introducing innovative financing solutions and business models which include mechanisms for balancing risk- and benefit-sharing between operators), should be the main staple of the roadmap of the project.

Railway environment characterisation

The deliverable is a document containing characterisation of the railway environment. The deliverable is an output of Task 4.2.

Quality Plan

Quality plan including guidelines, Gantt, Deliverable, Milestone tables, document and presentation template.

Identification of the Representative Railways Lines / Sites

This deliverable will describe the criteria used for the identification of representative lines / railways areas and will provide a description of the identified lines / areas. This deliverable will be the output of Task 2.3

EGNSS Services Evolution for railways and ETCS impacts

This deliverable is the result of Task 5.4

State of the art on EGNSS system for the rail application

This deliverable is the result of Task 5.1

EGNSS Target Performances to meet railway safety requirements

This deliverable is the result of Task 5.3

Description of methodology for data record sorting and saving

The deliverable is a document with the proposed methodology for recorded data sorting and recommendation for data storage. The deliverable is an output of Task 4.1.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Case Studies

This deliverable deals with the economic evaluations from the community point of view. The CBA will apply the economic model at the case study level via UBOC’s own assumptions on unit costs that are not disclosed, and investigate the public convenience of the project, including effects which are normally not priced in the market (such as safety and environmental sustainability) by means of techniques complying with the EC Guidelines; and producing aggregate indicators such as the project’s Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Benefit/Cost Ratio.

Impact Analysis

This deliverable will be aimed at quantifying the economic effects for each stakeholder involved. Collecting input from previous Work Packages, the analysis will define the relations among stakeholders in terms of supply of hardware and services, and will identify the impact in terms of investment costs, operating costs and savings along a determined time horizon. The focus will be on players such as not only infrastructure managers and railway undertakings but also the satellite sector. The liaison of the consortium with a variety of operators will enable to get comprehensive input which will be used both at this stage and for the overall economic evaluations. In the case where industry providers and/or rail operators are not in the position to disclose such input, the analysis will be performed considering realistic ranges of data and deriving outcome variations (sensitivity analyses).

Cost Benefit & Impact Assessment report

This deliverable will build on the methodology for the economic evaluation of the introduction of EGNSS technologies into the ETCS train control system and will define the characteristics of the EGNSS-based scenario and of the alternative scenarios in terms of technologies, business models, timeframes, and above all the underlying economic model. No estimation of unit cost and benefit will be carried out in this stage.

Final book

The final book will present all the public results of the project. The final book will be a relevant tool for promoting the activities and results of the project.

Measurement Procedures Specification

This deliverable will specify the procedures and the related measurement architectures required for acquiring / measuring the information identified in Task 2.1. This deliverable will be the output of Task 2.2.

Specification of the Measurement Information

This deliverable will provide the description of the information to be acquired / measured. It will be the output of Task 2.1.

Public website

This is for the set up, and going live, of a public website for the project. This will be updated throughout the life of the project.

The project leaflet n°1

The design and production of the project leaflets distributed during the events with the relevant stakeholders.

The project leaflet n°2

The design and production of the project leaflets distributed during the events with the relevant stakeholders.

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