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Test reports on small size honeycomb

On the basis of the chosen prepreg, some tests will be perform to validate the honeycomb feasibility and robustness. This documents aims to summarize the results of tests performed on the honeycomb manufactured with current mastered parameters (in terms of size, cell size, etc.).

Test report on selected Prepreg (fiber / resin) and database

This document aims to provide the first results of development tests that will lead to the selection of the most hopeful technologies in the frame of SMS project. It will also include the database of the final Prepreg and laminate which will be implemented in the BreadBoard (WP5).

Final report on SMS Eco-design

All along the project, the eco-design will be a major issue to ensure low-impact of technologies, materials and processes used on the ecosystem, humans and the planet. This documents aims to report all data related with these topics.

Materials requirements in the frame of SMS Project

This document will focus the requirements related with the materials which will be developped by NTPT, EPFL, MN and Polito. The data (also devided in functional, operational and industrial requirements) will be estimated in order to ensure the feasibility of a structure which could follow the D1.1 requirements.

Mid-term report: financial & technical

The aim of this key document is to provide, at project mid-term, an overview of the work performed all along the first year. Both financial and technical data will be summarized in this document.

Management plan and report of Import/Export authorisation requests

Plan and report for Import / Export requests : this document describes the list of materials concerned by Import / Export regulations and the way the project will handle this point (final issue : T0 + 6 months)

Test reports on large size honeycomb and maximum cell size

The document will report the results of enlargement tests on honeycomb in terms of general size and cell size. This parameters of the tested honeycomb will be use in the BreadBoard.

Copy of Import/Export authorisation

This deliverable is related with deliverable 7.3 and is made of copies of import/export authorisation (if needed). The final due date is at month 12 but copies could also be provided earlier, before the start of the concerned activities.

Dissemination plan (with market analysis)

Developing a dissemination plan is a key part of the collaborative research planning process. Although the decision makers and researchers working together won’t know the results of the research until it’s completed, working through an initial dissemination plan can help the teams focus the project and identify key audiences. When the research results come in, the partners will be ready to flesh out key messages, review and finalize the plan, and then implement it. This is the goal of D6.1 deliverable.

Final report: financial & technical

The aim of this key document is to provide, at the end of the project, an overview of the work performed all along the two years. Both financial and technical data will be summarized in this document.

Web site

Created at the really beginning of the project, the website will be a key tool for dissemination and communication about the project. Everybody will be able to connect to the web site and discover news about the technologies and developments. Eventually, this tool would be used, in a private area, to upload documents and manage the project activities. (in terms of technical data) and the success criteria to validate.

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Development of stable sandwich material structures for space applications

Published in: proceedings of ECSSMET 2018, 2018
Publisher: ESA