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A Collective Awareness Platform for Promoting Dark Skies in Europe


Second Intermediate Project Report

Second Intermediate Project Report at Month 30

Definition of Outreach, Dissemination and Training Strategies

This report provides the bases for the future communication strategies.

Marketing plan report

The report analyses the impact of the marketing plan for the duration of the project. The final report will be based on interim reports that monitor the sustainability and financial viability of the project throughout its lifetime.

STARS4ALL sustainability plan

The sustainability plan will propose models to attract and retain a sustainable number of contributors and explore the possible revenue streams to enable the STARS4ALL foundation to maintain its operational capacity to guide and represent the project's community at large. The sustainability plan will be composed of interim reports written throughout the duration of the project, the first of which will be presented to the foundation on M8.

STARS4ALL Periodical reports

Summary of the periodical reports published based on data generated.

Kick-off meeting report

Report of Kick-off meting

Games Design

Report on the gamification design and mockups

First Intermediate Project Report

First Intermediate Project Report at Month 18

Community engagement strategy and toolkit

This deliverable will describe our strategy, aligned with the other non-technical work packages, and will mark the launch of our online channels.

Data Management Plan (intermediate version)

Intermediate version of the DMP. Requirements for new LPIs will be incorporated.

Report on Expeditions

This report summarises all expeditions (see Statistics will be published on the communication channels after each expedition.

Data Management Plan (initial version)

Initial version of the DMP based on the initial LPIs.

Community engagement report

Summary of activities carried out in tasks T3.1, T3.2 and T3.3 and final assessments of impact factor. There will be periodically publications with statistics in all communication channels.

Games Release (final release)

Final release of the games

STARS4ALL data portal

This deliverable will comprise the portal for data management.

STARS4ALL crowdfunding platform

Release of the crowdfunding tool for funding CAs.

Photometer sensor (final version)

Final version of our sensor, ready to be produced for commercial use. As a open hardware device, all schematics and technological concepts will be available on the website.

Sensor API (final release)

Final release of the sensor API. This version will be able to integrate new sensors and manage them.

Communication modules (final version)

Final version of the communication modules , ready for commercial use. As a open hardware devices, all schematics and technological concepts will be available on the website.

Integrated tool to create and manage LPIs and CAs (initial release).

First release of the tool where users will be able to create LPIs and CAs.

STARS4ALL live dashboards (initial release)

First release of the dashboards, where users will be able to see an overview of the active LPIs and CAs, as well as first crowdsourcing activities.

STARS4ALL foundation

Statute of the foundation

STARS4ALL live dashboards (final release)

Final release of the monitoring dashboards. This version will include data gathered from sensors network and games.

Sensor API (initial release)

First release of the sensor API. This release will be able to process all data sent by sensors.

Games release (first version)

First release of the games

Methods for quality assessment, monitoring and control (initial release)

Algorithmic machinery in place ready to be used in the first games launched in WP4.

Integrated tool to create and manage LPIs and CAs (final release)

Final release with new functionalities to manage LPIs and CAs.

Models and methods for community health monitoring (initial release)

Complementary set of methods to D3.3, focusing on interactions within communities on LPIs.

Methods for quality assessment, monitoring and control (final release)

Updates and extensions of methods repertoire from D3.3 based on experiences so far.

Photometer sensor (prototype)

Prototype of our sensor without a communication module.

Communication modules (prototype)

Prototype of the communication modules (Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth). These modules will be attached to the sensors for sending all data gathered to our system.

Project presentation video and press-release

A presentation video in all consortium languages will be launched in all communication channels. Also, a press release will be created in all consortium languages and released by all partners institutions.

Set up of the communication and press office

Creation of the press office structure and communication channels.

STARS4ALL marketplace

The marketplace is operational and offering goods and services to the public at large.

Project Website

Project website and private wiki pages design and start-up.

Searching for OpenAIRE data...


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