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DevelopMent AnD application of integrated technological and management solutions FOR wasteWATER treatment and efficient reuse in agriculture tailored to the needs of Mediterranean African Countries


Stakeholder Consultation Workshops

Comprehensive report on the SCWs (T7.3)

Water vulnerability assessment framework

For each selected basin, a report on water management practices and water vulnerabilities, and a water vulnerability assessment framework based on the current situation. The report will include a general description of the water vulnerability assessment tool (T1.4)

First update of the dissemination and communication plan

Intermediate plan on the dissemination and communication activities (T7.2)

Water stress and water vulnerability indicators and maps

A set of freely available country-wide GIS maps aimed at describing water stress, water vulnerability, food security risks, water reuse potential: one map for each target country and for each indicator referred to the onset of the project, and one referred to a 20-year projection. The report will include the identification of business opportunities for the European water industry related to the identified water vulnerabilities (T1.2)

Standard operating procedures and health / safety procedures relative to the wastewater treatment and irrigation technologies

"Standard operating procedures relative to the wastewater treatment and irrigation technologies, aimed at homogenizing the performance data, the optimized operational parameters and the output provided for the LCA and CBA (T2.1). For the technologies dealing with raw wastewater, the procedures will include (i) the adopted health and safety procedures in the respect of local, national and EU legislation, and (ii) the evaluation of the technologies’ environmental impact and the measures taken to minimize it. This deliverable responds to Ethic Requirement 2 ""The applicant must ensure that appropriate health and safety procedures conforming to relevant local/national guidelines/legislation are followed for staff involved in this project"" and Ethic Requirement 3 “The applicant must provide further information about the possible harm to the environment caused by the research and state the measures that will be taken to mitigate the risks”."

Report on needs and priorities in the field of international cooperation agreements on water management in the target MACs

Identification of the needs and drivers for setting the priorities for agenda at the basis of international cooperation agreements in the field of water management in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco (T1.1)

Effects of water stress on food security and socio-economic development

A report on the water stress effects on food security and socio-economic development for each target country, and two country-level food security risk maps (baseline situation and 20-year projection) (T1.3)

Final report on the dissemination activities and materials

Visual identity, promotion materials, online engagement with stakeholders, media activity, technical dissemination: final report. The deliverable will include the analysis of the dissemination activities as well as the actual dissemination materials (T7.5)

Final report on the water & crop allocation model

Final report on the development of the Water & crop optimization model, based on the current irrigation technologies (T3.3)

First report on the dissemination activities and materials

Visual identity, promotion materials, online engagement with stakeholders, media activity, technical dissemination: first report. The deliverable will include the analysis of the dissemination activities as well as the actual dissemination materials (T7.5)

Review of the use of economic instruments in water management in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia

Review and assessment of the current status of IWRM and identified gaps in the target countries (T5.1).

Guidelines for the adaptation of the project outcomes beyond the project boundaries

Guidelines aimed at enabling the adaptation and implementation of the MADFORWATER tools, technologies and strategies for the evaluation and reduction of water vulnerability in other basins of the target MACs and in other MENA countries, including the training packages for the adaptation of the DSTs (T6.3)

WW management strategies and water & land management strategies in agriculture

Development of strategies, tailored for the 3 selected basins, for WW management and for water & land management in agriculture, including the related economic instruments (T5.2, 5.3)

Second update of the dissemination and communication plan

Final plan on the dissemination and communication activities (T7.2)

Dissemination and communication plan

Initial plan on the dissemination and communication activities (T7.2)

Integrated water & land management strategies and policy recommendations

Report on the development and assessment of integrated water & land management strategies for the 3 target basins, and policy brief with recommendations for action to address barriers and promote the implementation of the proposed technologies and strategies in the target countries (T6.1, T6.2)

DSTs for WW treatment management and for water & land management in agriculture

Development of two freely available DSTs relative to (i) the integration of WW treatment technologies, and (ii) water & land management in agriculture, including two tutorials for the adaptation of the DSTs to other MENA basins (T5.2, 5.3)

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Application of UV absorbance and fluorescence indicators to assess the formation of biodegradable dissolved organic carbon and bromate during ozonation

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The reuse of reclaimed water for irrigation around the Mediterranean Rim: a step towards a more virtuous cycle?

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Bacterial endophytes of mangrove propagules elicit early establishment of the natural host and promote growth of cereal crops under salt stress

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Microbial Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon– Contaminated Marine Environments

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Exploitation of Rhizosphere Microbiome Services

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Application of UV and Fluorescence Indices for Assessing the Performance of Ozonation Process: Towards SmartWater Treatment

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Climate change and water valuation in Souss-Massa region: Management and adaptive measures

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