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FUture Cabin for the Asian Market


Project legacy (updated website and communication pack)

Project legacy (updated website and communication pack) This deliverable will include the dissemination materials which will be used by all partners in future events performed after the end of the project’s lifetime. The produced dissemination material (e.g. brochure, etc.) will be mainly focused on providing information about the project outcomes and exploitable results (bilingual).

Dissemination and exploitation plan

Dissemination and exploitation plan It will precise the FUCAM communication policy and the adequate means, including the visual identity, the public website and the 1st dissemination plan of the project’s results (which will be constantly updated throughout the project).

Dissemination and exploitation of project results

The aim of this deliverable is to report on the performed dissemination and exploitation activities of the project. Based on the initial Dissemination and Exploitation plan, this deliverable will summarize the activities performed throughout the project as well as present the consortium’s strategy and concrete actions to disseminate, exploit and protect the foreground generated by the project after its end.

Project website

The FUCAM public website will provide information about the project, its objectives, challenges, and expected results and it will be regularly updated with the project’s progress and achievements. The main elements of the website will be also available in Japanese, so as to extend the target audience also to Japanese colleagues.

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Gathering user insights to drive the design of an airplane cabin for Northeast Asia

Author(s): Ilkka Kallonen; Kalevi Ekman; Samuli Mäkinen
Published in: 1, 2016
Publisher: Aalto University
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2602594