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Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions


A report on SHIPLYS model and data requirements

The report shall contain the requirements for models and data required for product design, production process, and life cycle approaches.

Overview of SHIPLYS rapid virtual design and production process prototyping functionality

This is a report providing a user-level overview of the software modules developed in WP6.

Initial exploitation and business plan

This deliverable will set out an initial plan for SHIPLYS exploitation and its development as a market product

SHIPLYS dissemination activities carried out

This report will contain a list of activities carried out accompanied by an assessment of the impact achieved.

A report on business case and ROI

D2.2: A report on business case and ROI (M5) (R,PU) This report will make the initial business case and lay the background to the business plan in D8.4 and D8.5.

SHIPLYS software and its functionality in relation to existing standards and potential for inputs to future standards

This report will show how the SHIPLYS software relates to existing standards with a view to informing the development of future standards and guidelines.

SHIPLYS dissemination strategy

SHIPLYS dissemination strategy

SHIPLYS good practice guide

This is a set of guidelines for the use and implementation of life cycle solutions.

SHIPLYS Intellectual Property protection strategy

This important deliverable will set out the IP strategy for SHIPLY bearing in mind background IP and the foreground IP envisaged within the project.

A report on requirements for the integration of SHIPLYS tools and compatibility with existing tools

This report will delineate integration requirement for both the tools developed within SHIPLYS and also interfacing requirement for existing tools to interface with SHIPLYS software.

Final exploitation and business plan

This deliverable will update the initial plan in light of developments during the course of the project.

Existing prototyping models and approaches in shipping and other industry sectors

This deliverable will contain a summary of models and approaches considered for their applicability to SHIPLYS concepts.

A report on assessing data quality and its criticality in assessments

The report will contain the approach developed to assess data quality and its criticality (sensitivity) to the final results.

Training strategy

This report will set out the training strategy to achieve maximum impact in terms of uptake of the SHIPLYS software by SME shipyards.

A report on selected scenarios and the rationale for such selection

D2.1: A report on selected scenarios and the rationale for such selection (M5) (R, PU) The report will include the evaluation framework and the results from its application.


Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions (SHIPLYS) – an overview of the project, its first phase of development and challenges:

Author(s): U.R. Bharadwaj, T. Koch, A. Milat, L. Herrera, G. Randall, C. Volbeda, Y. Garbatov, S. Hirdaris, N. Tsouvalis, A. Carneros, P. Zhou and I. Atanasova
Published in: 2017

A framework for multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) applied to conceptual stage of ship design:

Author(s): X. Cui, U. R. Bharadwaj and P. Zhou
Published in: 2017

Scenario 3 – Life Cycle and virtual prototyping requirements for ship Repair Projects:

Author(s): A. Porras, L. Herrera, A. Carneros and J.I. Zanón
Published in: 2017

Refactoring early ship design methodology:

Author(s): T. Koch K. Kreutzer
Published in: 2017

Scenario 1 - Optimisation of operational modes of short-route hybrid ferry: A life cycle assessment case study:

Author(s): H. Wang, E. Oguz, B. Jeong and P. Zhou
Published in: 2017

Life cycle and cost assessment on engine selection for an offshore tug vessel:

Author(s): E. Oguz, B. Jeong, H. Wang & P. Zhou
Published in: 2017

Challenges and problems with data availability and quality during LCCA calculations in the early ship design phases:

Author(s): P. Evangelou, C. Papaleonidas, D. V. Lyridis, N. Tsouvalis and P. Anaxagorou
Published in: 2017

Scenario 2 - Framework for conceptual ship design accounting for risk-based life cycle assessment:

Author(s): Y. Garbatov, M. Ventura, C. Guedes Soares, P. Georgiev, T. Koch and I. Atanasova
Published in: 2017

Investment cost estimate accounting for shipbuilding constraints:

Author(s): Y. Garbatov, M. Ventura, P. Georgiev, T. Damyanliev and I. Atanasova
Published in: 2017

Conceptual ship design framework for designing new commercial ships.

Author(s): Damyanliev, T., Georgiev, P. & Garbatov, Y.
Published in: 2017

Conceptual design of multipurpose ship and fleet accounting for SME shipyard building limitations,

Author(s): Damyanliev, T., Georgiev, P., Atanasova, I. & Garbatov, Y
Published in: 2018

Sensitivity analysis of risk-based conceptual ship design.

Author(s): Garbatov, Y. & Sisci, F.
Published in: 2018

Analysis of SME ship repair yard capacity in building new ships.

Author(s): Atanasova, I., Damyanliev, T. P., Georgiev, P. & Garbatov, Y.
Published in: 2018

SHIPLYS end-users’ requirements to inform software development

Author(s): A. Milat and N. Golik Klanac
Published in: 2017

Spatial corrosion wastage modelling of steel plates subjected to marine environments

Author(s): Garbatov, Y. & Guedes Soares, C.
Published in: Issue Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering paper OMAE2017-61751, 2017

Cloudless Skies in Early Design

Author(s): T. Koch, K. Kreutzer, A. Roppelt
Published in: COMPIT conference, 2018

Ship design process using life cycle integratedindependent software of SHIPLYS platform

Author(s): Darko Frank, Gary Randall, Thomas Koch, Boris Rodov, Ujjwal Bharadwaj, Yordan Garbatov, Peilin Zhou, Jose Ignacio Zanón, Nicholas Tsouvalis, Ilze Atanasova, Laura Herrera, Caj Volbeda
Published in: 23th Symposium on Theory and Practice of Shipbuilding SORTA 2018, 2018

Multiobjective reliability-based design of ship structures subjected to fatigue damage and compressive collapse

Author(s): Garbatov, Y. & Ying Cai Huang, C.
Published in: 2019

Optimal design of stiffened plate subjected to combined stochastic loads

Author(s): Garbatov, Y. & Georgiev, P
Published in: Progress in the Analysis and Design of Marine Structures, 2017

A tool for analysis of costs on the manufacturing of the hull

Author(s): J.M. Gordo, M. Leal
Published in: 2017

Analysis of multipurpose ship performance accounting for SME shipyard building limitations.

Author(s): Denev, Y., Georgiev, P. & Garbatov, Y.
Published in: 2018

Corrosion margins for redundant ship structures

Author(s): Garbatov, Y. & Guedes Soares, C
Published in: 2018

Pure bending test on a box girder with low panels slenderness

Author(s): Gordo, J.M. & Guedes Soares, C,
Published in: 2018

Life Cycle and Economic Assessments of the Solar Power System Application in the Propulsion System of Short Route Ferry

Author(s): Wang, H, Oguz, E, Jeong, B & Zhou
Published in: 2018

Life cycle and cost performance analysis on ship structural maintenance strategy of a short route hybrid

Author(s): Wang, H, Oguz, E, Jeong, B & Zhou, P
Published in: 2018

Novel technical perspectives for alternative commercial use of old LNG carriers

Author(s): D.V. Lyridis, C. Papaleonidas, G. Stobkan, J. Prousalidis, E. Sofras, P. Anaxagorou
Published in: 2019

Life cycle assessment as an evaluation tool for carbon reduction techniques in marine industry

Author(s): Haibin Wang, Peilin Zhou
Published in: 2019

Application of Solar Panel Array on a Short Route Ferry: A Life Cycle and Economic Assessment

Author(s): Haibin Wang; Elif Oguz; Byongug Jeong, Peilin Zhou
Published in: 2018

An effective framework for life cycle and cost assessment for marine vessels aiming to select optimal propulsion systems

Author(s): Byongug Jeong, Haibin Wang, Elif Oguz, Peilin Zhou
Published in: Journal of Cleaner Production, Issue 187, 2018, Page(s) 111-130, ISSN 0959-6526
DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.03.184

Dependence of Ultimate Bending Moment of Box Girders on Panel’s Slenderness

Author(s): Gordo, J. M
Published in: International Journal of Engineering Innovation & Research, 2018, ISSN 2277-5668

Multi-criteria decision-making for marine propulsion: Hybrid, diesel electric and diesel mechanical systems from cost-environment-risk perspectives

Author(s): Byongug Jeong, Elif Oguz, Haibin Wang, Peilin Zhou
Published in: Applied Energy, Issue 230, 2018, Page(s) 1065-1081, ISSN 0306-2619
DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2018.09.074

Risk-based framework for ship and structural design accounting for maintenance planning

Author(s): Y. Garbatov, F. Sisci, M. Ventura
Published in: Ocean Engineering, Issue 166, 2018, Page(s) 12-25, ISSN 0029-8018
DOI: 10.1016/j.oceaneng.2018.07.058

Life cycle cost and environmental impact analysis of ship hull maintenance strategies for a short route hybrid ferry

Author(s): Haibin Wang, Elif Oguz, Byongug Jeong, Peilin Zhou
Published in: Ocean Engineering, Issue 161, 2018, Page(s) 20-28, ISSN 0029-8018
DOI: 10.1016/j.oceaneng.2018.04.084