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LIssage de COrdons Robotisé Novateur Expert


Setting-up specifications for the control cell

Setting-up specifications for the control cell

Fair, event presentation

D6.2 Fair, event presentation (Month 30) – to be adjusted with the progresses of the project

Big Data Algorithms

D5.3 Hardware infrastructure and evaluation of the algorithm to predict how is going to behave the process, the quality and the maintenance (Month 24)

Technical & Scientific Publications

D6.4 Publications in technical reviews and websites about the LICORNE Robotic Vacuum Forming (Month 22) Detection by Machine Vision (Month 24) Big Data Algorithm (Month 24)

Setting-up plans for vacuum forming

D1.2 Setting-up plans compatible of the plant organization (Month 3)

Benchmarking report

D4.1 Report describing the results of the benchmarking performed (Month 19)

Communication architecture

D5.1 Communications architecture between the different systems (Month 20)

Communication Protocols

D5.2 Industrial communication Protocol identified and consolidated (Month 21)

Operative workstation

D4.6 Two workstations with a robot and the machine vision (Month 26)


D6.3 Website of the LICORNE project (Month 16)


Utilización de tecnologías Big Data en los procesos de pintura del automóvil (Usage of Big Data technologies in automotive paintshop processes)

Author(s): Victor Alonso-Ramos
Published in: JAI 2018 - VII Jornadas sobre Tecnologías y soluciones para la Automatización Industrial (7th Conference on Industrial Automation Solutions and Technologies), 2018
Publisher: CTAG

Predicción de la calidad de un proceso industrial en tiempo real (Real time quality prediction of an industrial process)

Author(s): María López-Ramírez, Sonia Quiroga-Fernández, Angel Dacal-Nieto, Xian Boullosa, Victor Alonso-Ramos
Published in: WGML 2017 - II Workshop Galicia Machine Learning, 2017
Publisher: CTAG