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PAn-European Clusters for Technology Transfer and new VAlue chains


Regional specific challenges to be addressed through ACTTiVAte

Definition of the specific challenge to be addressed and the RIS3 priorities that will be tackled through the activities proposed in ACTTiVAte.

Communication Strategic Plan

It will consist of a completed version of the strategic communication plan outlined in section 2.2.5.

Topic description template.

Template to be used for the competitive calls to describe the scope of each topic.

Communication Guide

This document will guide the partners on how to carry out communication actions based on the material available. This document will include a section about project corporate identity, stylebook, how to review internal and external documents, use of language according to the audience and the media, social media as a tool, and a short guide to communicating technical results. This document will be reviewed and updated in order to cover the use of new material prepared.

Improvement of ACTTiVAte’s technology evaluation tools to the mid- and long- term

"""Tool"" for monitoring, pursuit, visualization and supervision of the knowledge and technologies within ACTTiVAte poles and regionsption of deliverable"

Mobility and exchange program

Ranking the exchange proposals evaluated and approved, deployment of exchange activities and outcomes.

Delivery program for Investment Readiness training to ACTTiVAte grant recipients

Companies presenting have an adequate pitch and financial plan.

Topics description for call for proposals draft version

Description of the topics to be published for the call for proposals process.

ACTTiVAte call for proposals Text

Taking into account D2.8 the final work program will be published.

Identified Technologies Ranking

Positioning and ranking of technologies/applications accordingly with cross-sectoral matching matrix, relevance and feasibility.

Summary benchmark of regional innovation performance and SWOT

Analysis of the regional innovation capacities in terms of governance, stakeholders, policy tools, financial commitment, etc. SWOT.

Brokerage, B2B and funding matchmaking activities

Deployment of activities carried out and outcomes of the matchmaking activities performed at the brokerage/B2B/fundraising levels. Target outcomes: every SME having established between 5 and 10 contacts with potential partners (other SMEs), B2B players and potential corporate and VC investors.

First Report on Communication and Dissemination Activities

A report on all the dissemination activities will be submitted at the end of the first year of the project.

ACTTiVAte follow-up scheme and help desk facility

Deployment of activities, engagement scope with SMEs and type of support provided over the duration of the program.

Publishable summary of the ACTTiVAte SMEs projects

Report with a publishable summary of each ACTTiVAte funded project,

Second Report on Communication and Dissemination Activities

A report on all the dissemination activities will be submitted at the end of the second year of the project.

Legal and Financial Conditions for the SMEs

All the legal and financial conditions that the SMEs will have to fullfil to get the funding will be compiled on a deliverable.

Delivery program for technology transfer and commercialization training (“Tech Comm_Academy”) to ACTTiVAte grant recipients

Companies have a comercialisation plan.

Intermediated ACTTiVAte Sustainability Plan

An intermediate Sustainability Plan considering first results obtained by the project will be delivered to the EC.

General Guidelines on demonstrators

General guidelines on how the demonstrators should be planned, implemented and evaluated, including Key Success Indicators

Final Report on Communication and Dissemination Activities.

A report on all the dissemination activities will be submitted at the end of the third year of the project.

One-to-one mentoring services to SMEs ACTTiVAte projects

Deployment of the program, mentors’ distribution and assignment, and outcome and scope achieved by the one-to-one mentoring at every SME level.

Communication Pack

A report on all the communication materials created (please refer to task T7.1) will be submitted to the EC.

Impact assessment

A final report containing a detailed description of (i) The purpose and extent of impact evaluation in the ACTTiVAte framework, (ii) The methodological principles and practices commonly accepted for these kind of exercise, (iii) The data gathering templates, process and raw results, (iv) The application of evaluation methodologies to data following the array of selected impact indicators, (v) Results obtained and discussion of these organised under different criteria and categories and (vi) lessons learned and concluding comments.

Final ACTTiVAte Sustainability Plan

At the end of the project, a final version of this document will be delivered including comments, suggestions and value perceptions gathered during Stakeholder Platform meetings, training workshops and Open days.

Guidelines of best practices to foster cross-border and cross- sector collaboration through clusters

Document with best practices that will comprise strategies and initiatives to generate an environment of cross-sectoral innovation in SMEs beyond the project.

Survey form

The document representing the input version of the survey presented to the cluster members

Data Management Plan

This document will define the final data management plan.


Response of a Zn2TiO4 Gas Sensor to Propanol at Room Temperature

Author(s): Ibrahim Gaidan, Dermot Brabazon, Inam Ahad
Published in: Sensors, Issue 17/9, 2017, Page(s) 1995, ISSN 1424-8220
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
DOI: 10.3390/s17091995

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