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Triggering Sustainable Biogas Energy Communities through Social Innovation


Report on the policy-related activities

D4.5 will summarise the partners’ effort to inform policy/decision makers on ISABEL’s findings on the uptake of community biogas projects at regional context.

ISABEL Recommendations, best practices and replication guide

D4.4 will summarise the results of the impact assessment and comparative analysis on the uptake of community-based biogas projects at regional context across Europe in the form of Policy Recommendations and Good Practices. This knowledge will also take the form of a Replication Guide which will include practical guidelines for replication/transfer of ISABEL outcomes to other regional settings across Europe.

Report on ISABEL events and communication activities

D6.8 will summarise the organisation of the project events (scope, context, outcomes, etc.) and the partners’ activities to reach the relevant stakeholders and communicate project activities and findings

Biogas SI Platforms and Communities

D2.2 will outline the basic operational framework (self-organising procedures, key roles and contributions among its core members) of the “Biogas SI Platforms” that will be established in each region by the end of the 1st year.

Catalogue of additional region-specific bottom-up Community biogas interventions

D3.3 will outline the additional region-specific bottom-up Community biogas interventions that will be identified and supported by ISABEL.

Social Innovation and Community Energy best practices, methods and tools across Europe

D1.1 will summarise the results of the analysis of a) the variety of SI and community approaches, b) the key success and failure factors, and c) the policy, regulatory and operational factors that could have major implications on initiatives of similar nature employed at local and regional level.

Region-specific reports on the performance of ISABEL interventions

D4.2 will summarise impact assessment of ISABEL’s activities and outcomes in the targeted regions, to highlight good practices and lessons learned in each region.

Report on workshops and the selected cases for ISABEL replication and expansion

D5.1 will summarise the organisation of the international workshops in the targeted regions and outline the 3 identified most interesting and prominent cases that will be further supported with a view to trigger the up-take of ISABEL assets by other regions at national/European level.

Platforms vision, strategy, action plans and self-organising framework

D2.3 will outline the initial Action Plan for each Platform covering the first 18 months of its operation.

Region-specific Social Innovation and Community Energy approaches with an application potential in Biogas

D1.4 will outline a set of appropriate approaches, methods and tools towards the creation and/or enhancement of sustainable “Biogas Communities” in each targeted region.

Biogas landscape and specificities in the 3 targeted regions

D1.2 will summarise the partners’ findings on the regional biogas landscape in terms of a) existing stakeholders, supply chains and operational practices, b) relevant national/regional policies, regulatory framework and incentive schemes and c) relevant initiatives that foster of hinder the development of the biogas sector in the 3 targeted regions.

Comparative analysis of ISABEL interventions at cross-regional level

D4.3 will be based on the region-specific reports with a view to identify common needs and barriers as well as key success and failure factors for good practices which will constitute valuable background information for other regions in Europe.

Report on the co-design and support services offered to the selected cases

D5.2 will summarise the support services offered by ISABEL partners to the selected cases in other regions with a view to guide them in planning the set-up of SI platforms and in designing an initial action plan of potential interventions.

ISABEL on-line portal, crowdsourcing tools and mobile apps

D3.1 will outline the basic structure and functionalities of the ISABEL on-line portal, crowdsourcing tools and mobile apps.

ISABEL Social media accounts

D6.1 will outline the operational framework of ISABEL social media accounts

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